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Tutuapp is a store for iOS and Android that comes with bundle of tweaked apps, games and modded applications exclusively for smartphone. One can find many premium and VIP tweaks with download option for free.

What is Tutu App?

What is TutuApp?

Tutu is a third party App Store that contains large number of apps for iOS and after tweaking for Android too. But, officially it has been developed and created for iPhone and other iOS devices only. Some web creators have modded it for Android OS too.

These days many popular apps have been released as modded and tweaked version and TutuApp exclusively sign and updates those apps to their database. This is how iOS users and Android users also download Tutuapp for free.

This app is known for VIP services that gives to its users for free. Tutu Helper is also comes handy when users stuck in not working issues. Using this TutuApp VIP edition, you can download numerous top and the best paid apps for free. Some of those paid applications already available on iPhone App Store as well as Android App Store.


What About Tutuapp APK?

Officially, developers made this app for iOS because there wasn’t jailbreak these days and it was really difficult to download free premium apps. But, when popularity and demand have been increased for Android app, then some of unofficial developers have created TutuApp APK for Android OS too.

On Android version also, you can find numerous top applications to download free. Spotify++, Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), SnapChat++ and YouTube++ are few of them. Users love these apps most. To get all of these, you need to look for TutuApp APK for your Android device.

Make sure that you download latest version of Tutu, because most of the web sites contains outdated version that’s not working. Outdated APK also gives ‘Unable to download’, ‘Not loading’ and not working at all at some occasions.

Update: Tutu Developers have launched Android version and now, Android users can also download and install it directly from their official website. We’ve updated this article accordingly.

Download Tutu

Why TutuAPP is better?

In our blog, I’ve mentioned many similar app stores that offers tweaked and modded apps. vShare, TweakBox and AppValley work best in offering these kind of applications.

But, you’ve seen vShare not working these days. AppValley also gives error of revoked certificate. In such cases, Tutu App and TweakBox are working solid and strongly. They updates apps on their database as soon as any update comes.

Plus, you may have notice in TutuApp vip iOS edition that the developers have made a Tutu Helper app also that fixes not working, not downloading, not loading issues. If you’ve this Helper kit then you will be updated with every single update available on Tutu servers.

You just need updated and latest version of Tutu App.

Size of App25.1 MB
Downloads Monthly1030000

Average more than 1 millions users downloading TutuApp iOS and Tutu Android app. With hardly 25 MB size, this app creating great difference. I’d recommend to download and install Tutu VIP using Helper tool and specially from official website so that you won’t get any kind of error.

Latest update came in 2019, so users won’t get any expired certificate or out dated applications listed on app installer.

Tutu App Helper Features

Comparing to other similar apps, Tutu servers better features, server, apps and tweaked applications. I personally using Tutu Helper for my iPhone X free paid apps. I found many benefits of Tutu VIP app comparing to iOS Haven and Panda Helper App Store. Installation process is also very convenience and easy.

  • First of all, installation is too easy. Once can download and install Tutu using Tutu Helper by scanning QR code with your iOS or Android devices from the front page of the official website.
  • After scanning, website will install a very light TutuApp on your preferred device.
  • There are two versions available for users to install Tutu. First is, Tutu VIP App, another is TutuApp Free which can be download with some limitations.
  • Even free app user also can download and install free premium and paid apps from their server.
  • No jailbreak or root is required to run Tutu on your iOS or Android.
  • It’s server are too fast and they keep updating it. So, servers are running smoothly without giving “Unable to Download”,”Not Loading”,’Not Opening” like not working error..

Download Tutu iOS

How to Download Tutu VIP on iPhone

Whether you’ve iOS or Android device, TutuApp can be installed from the same home page without any trick, because developers provide you QR code which you need to scan in order to further step for installing.

  1. First of all, you need to Open Official Tutu APP VIP website.
  2. If you’re trying to download it using PC, then you will get QR code specially developed for iOS and Android OS. Just choose one of those QR options and tap on Tutu QR code. Scan with your iPhone or Android, you’ll see installation screen,
  3. If you’re using your iPhone and trying to install directly via it, then open Safari browser and directly go to above mentioned website.
  4. Let it load completely and then tap on ‘Install Now’ button. A screen will scroll up where you’ll see another Install Tutu App button. Tap on it.
  5. Confirm TutuApp VIP has been installed on iPhone. Once it installed on iPhone, Open Settings app and head to General section tab.
  6. Now, head to Device Management and find out ‘Century Securities Co. Ltd’. Tap on it and trust the app.

Download Tutu APK

How to Install TutuApp VIP on Android

Now when we have Android version also, I’ve updated this article according to the demand. Follow below steps…

  1. Just open any web browser on your Android device.
  2. Hit address bar and type
  3. Tap on Android from Top bar.
  4. Tap on ‘Download Now’ button.
  5. TutuApp APK will be download in the background.
  6. Once its downloaded, open it and install it.

Note that you must enable ‘Unknown Sources’ to install this APK on your Android OS. If you’ve any issue or confusion, let me know in comment section.

Tutu app not working

TutuApp Not Working / Not Opening / Not Loading / Unable to Download

Believe us, we never got any issue or warning like ‘Unable to Download’ or ‘Tutu Not Loading’. We never faced any situation when Tutu not working. But yeah, we have countered some friends mobile that were facing this issue and after couple of steps, we could easily fixed it.

Try this fix, if Tutuapp not working.

You can try Tutu Helper also in order to fix ViP or free version yourself too.

It depends on error or message that you’re getting while installing app from TutuApp, so you just have to comment below if its not working on your iPhone or any Android device.

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Updated: April 29, 2020 — 2:58 am


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  1. Minecraft: Pocket edition available?

    1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

      Of course, it is available. You can install it various ways. You can access tutulite app store, tutu helper or vip app. Tutu vip is best way to download premium apps.

      Minecraft Pocket edition is exclusively available on tutu.

      Hoping that this reply helped you regarding Minecraft game

      1. Is it Minecraft pe?

        1. Yes, it is indeed

  2. Spotify++ tutuapp
    Needed please

    1. Spotify++ Tutuapp

      Spotify plus app is exclusively available on Tutuapp app store for free.

      One can easily download apk for Android or ipa file for iOS in form of configuration file.

      Hope you’ll follow steps from there.

  3. Tutuapp not working, untrusted Enterprise developer error
    How to fix?

    1. Tutuapp not working? Try this

      We’ve covered this in a separate article where we’ve covered a lot of things that are causing Tutu app not working or not downloading apps. It won’t open or connect to Tutu server in that way.

      Try it.

  4. Whats difference between iPhone and Android app store vs Tutu app store?

    1. Tutu App Store

      Good question. Before understanding difference, you must understand why we install Tutuapp or any apps hosted under that app store, right?

      On iPhone or Android Play Store, you can download and install all apps that obey and follow rules and regulations applied by Apple and Google. Tweaked apps are not allowed by Apple and Android app store, okay? So what happens, these app stores won’t allow or upload download and installing those tweaked apps on these app store.

      Now if you want to use those tweaked apps such as Spotify, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram, you must try your hands on Tutu app store or any other such stores available for iOS or Android.

      It is also said that Tutu offers jailbreak apps and Cydia tweaks without jailbreaking which is not true completely. However, you can install couple of jailbreak apps such as listed above.

      Hope your doubt is cleared.

  5. How to download app tutu on apk?

    1. Do you mean Tutu apk?

      If yes, then we’ll suggest you to Download Tutuapp APK configuration file from respected website.

      Reply if you have any other questions

  6. Tutuapp won’t apps, I tried reinstalling it
    Nothing helps

    1. Tutu won’t download apps

      Only reinstalling won’t help you to make tutu work on your smartphone. First, tell me which os you have?

      Was it working in the past? Tell me exact issue of your phone.

  7. How to Download Tutuapp Apk?

    1. Tutuapp APK download links

      May be only Tutu is the app that can be installed on Android as well as on iOS. Both operating systems are compatible to install this app. Developers offer free download apk for Android devices. However, you can easily upgrade free apk download to Tutu vip app.

      To Download Tutu apk, you must head to the official website home page using compatible Android device. Site will detect your device OS and according to it, Tutu will offer app download option for you. You don’t need to bother about apk download.

      Once you opt to download Tutu apk, system will ask your permission to download. Instantly after download, system will ask you to configure some settings to install unknown apps from Tutu developers. If you give your permission here, system will install it.

      It is seamless process and takes only a minute or two to download apk and install it on your Android device.

      Hopping this info will help you

  8. Tutuapp VIP Free


    1. Tutuapp VIP Free

      We assume that you wanna install Tutu app vip apps for free, right? we may be 100% correct, understanding your concern. Thousands users requesting vip tutu for free these days.

      Please keep in your mind that Tutuapp vip free service is available currently. You don’t need to purchase vip subscription plan and even without downloading any app, you’ll ultimately install your favorite vip apps for free.

      Just head to Tutuapp Lite version, where top 10 best vip apps are free. Plus, you will notice that there are lots of free Tutuapp vip apps available.

      Hoping that you are taking benefit.

  9. How to use Tutuapp vip?

    1. Right use of Tutuapp VIP

      Look, it is only depends on you why you’ve purchased and installed vip app on your iOS or Android phone.
      For new users: New users can download tutu vip for installing paid apps for free, specially modded apps. There are bunch of beautiful apps available only tutu such as Instagram++, Spotify++, SnapChat++ and many more.
      For iOS users: If you’ve iPhone or iPad and you don’t wanna jailbreak iPhone. Still you wanna enjoy jailbreak apps, Tutu is the way that can make it possible partially by offering modded apps and tweaks.
      For Android Users: Without root, Android users can install many good tweaks and modded apps that can’t be done without root normally. So, installing Tutuapp VIP app is something related to that.

      Hoping it helped,

  10. What is Tutuapp vip?

    1. Tutuapp VIP

      This is nothing but app name. Tutu uses it as it’s app name like other branding names. Developer offers jailbreak apps, Cydia tweaks and modded applications along with various services under one app. It hosts all of these app under VIP app. Unlike other free apps, Tutu VIP is a pro edition that will gonna cost you for installing some paid and premium apps for free.

      Tutu offers VIP app subscription based on one year plan. It costs few dollar per year. Right now, the costing is $13 a year. Developer claims that VIP or Pro edition has many more download options comparing to Lite or regular app.

      We hope you got what does it mean.

  11. How to use Tutu Helper?

    1. This is simple, you should download Tutuapp vip or lite version and do whatever you want with that. Please read more about what is Tutu Helper first.

  12. How to use Tutuapp Lite?

    1. Use of Tutuapp Lite

      We found this question very useful and accurate. In this series of FAQ, we already answered that what is Tutuapp lite? Please refer that too.

      There are two lite versions. One is web another is in app form. You can do following to use lite version…

      Tutuapp Lite Web: This is the web form of lite version. It can be used with any web browser without installing any app on your phone, windows or Macos. On any web browser, just type and the regular version will be opened online. It is free, however, it won’t include vip apps at all.

      Tutuapp Lite app: Tutuapp Lite version is nothing but regular app. There isn’t any difference between web and app on this matter. Both lite versions are same but the method of access is different. Tutu lite app can be installed on any iOS or Android.

      Hopping that you understood how to use it.

  13. What is Tutuapp Helper?

    1. Tutu Helper

      Tutuapp Helper is known as best iOS helper. Inspiring by this, official app developer has made tutu possible for Android in form of apk too. Both apps work differently and all of these are known as Tutu Helper.

      So, it isn’t in any particular app form. You can go with VIP and Lite or regular app. If you’ve any more query, confusion or question, please ask by replying me.


  14. tutuapp not working with iOS 13.2.2 update. I’m managed to installed tut on ios13, however iOS 13.2.2 update messed it up and now app is crashing again and again. I’m confused, it was working fine some days on 13 smoothly

    1. We respect your privacy that you haven’t used your name and other details. And, I also understand your feeling regarding tutuapp not working. Please make sure that you follow each and every steps that I’m gonna mention below.

      1. First, uninstall tutu from existing iOS 13.2.2.
      2. Head to home page and download fresh tutu installer, vip helper app for iPhone running iOS 13.2.2.
      3. Finish installation as you’ve done for the first time. There’s nothing change in installation steps.
      4. After installation, you can’t afford to miss last step where you must trust the developer profile from settings.

      Done. Once you’ll trust developer profile, Tutuapp will start working without any other not working error. App will load correctly and it won’t crash.

      Plus, if you’ve purchased tutuapp vip subcription, please head to support section of official app developer where you can file your complain.

  15. What is Tutuapp lite?

    1. Tutuapp Lite is amazing way to access all vip apps to one place without installing any additional application on your iOS or Android phone. Plus, you can access tutulite on MacOS or Windows computer. Additionally, you can get all apps access right on your computer using any web browser using Tutu lite edition.

      Ultimately, Tutuapp lite version is nothing but a web application in form of web page that can be opened with any browser you want. So, next time when you want to get access to lite version, head to browser that you want and open lite edition on the go by adding lite to the beginning of url.

      Hope you got it.

  16. Tutu has two version listed on their website. First is Vip app which can be download and installed and subscribe. Whereas second option is to download free apps without installing tutu vip app. This second option is known as Tutuapp Lite. And this lite version offers apps and games download option without installing Tutu app on your iOS device. i’ve tested this lite version on iOS 13 and it works on iOS 13 even without installing tutu in the first place. The only thing that you must do is, trust the developer certificate that tutu has used to sign these applications. I hope this short info guide has helped you understanding lite app and vip version a little bit more.

  17. I tried everything to fix application error but later on I found that once my iOS has been jailbroken, all the issues have been fixed automatically
    I’ve iOS 12.4.0

    1. good to here that jailbreak is still live. Do you have Cydia installed? Is it stable?

  18. how to download Tutuapp iOS helper? One more thing, can i install vip edition without subscription?

  19. Saya nk app tu tu app lah macam mana boleh

    1. English please
      I think you wanna download Tu tu app, right?

    2. Oh great, it means, you know how it is working. That’s something interesting. Now suggest me the way for tutu free vip app. I tried above steps and it helped me to get basic free app, but not premium vip one.

  20. Tutu apps are really awesome, I like helper and VIP features. It helps getting more and more good app collection on my mobile. I just missing Cydia customisation that Tutu doesn’t offers. So, if you’re listening dev, please add Cydia tweaks so that i can use it for my own iPhone customisation.

    1. Do you have used VIP, Helper and regular app all together or on different devices? Please explain the difference between all of these versions. I’m little confuse about this names.

      1. Tutu VIP is paid whereas Tutu Helper comes to fix error and regular app is free version for regular user. This is the main difference between each of those apps.

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