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Unfortunately, Apple has never tried to add Adobe products in their smartphone and tablets. Flash videos and games are viral on the web, but without flash player we can’t play such videos and games on our iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. None of these gadgets have supported apps to play those .flv videos.

However, there are couple of apps available on iTunes app store that can fix your issue. Most them are free and other are premium apps. But, its too tough to find out right apps and browsers that can play full and quality rich .flv video and games. I have selected Top 3 Adobe flash player alternative apps that play all these file types on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You just need to download them and install on your device.

Download Adobe Flash Player Alternative for iPad

All these apps are iOS supported so if you are using latest iPad or iPhone X, you don’t need to confuse about that. A few of them are free, while other are chargeable. iPhone X, iPod Touch users can also download them and install on their device to play flash files easily. Below are the apps that are available on iTunes for iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13.

Photon Flash Player

If you are looking any app that can play both .flv video and games, then this is the right choice for you. Photon often gets updates and one of the best alternative app for Adobe. I would like to recommend it for your device, because our readers have tested it on their iPad and it works well on all device till iPad Pro. Photon Player has wonderful features such as mouse support, .flv video and games and Facebook game connection. Few features are listed below.

  1. flv player
  2. iOS 12.4 supported app that works smoothly on older OS too.
  3. Full screen video and game supported.
  4. Facebook game connection support.
  5. Mouse option for easy navigation.
  6. Frequently gets updates.
  7. No. 1 iPad flash player app in US, UK and Canada.

Ver. 4.1 | Size: 10.3 MB | Compatible: iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini up to iPhone 11 Pro, iPod Touch


Name says everything. It designed for flash games and specially for Facebook games. It works great for those millions of users who want to play Facebook games online. You all know that Facebook games require flash support. All the Android and desktop laptop supports Adobe flash player while Apple’s iPad doesn’t support Adobe Flv Player. This app will fill the gape. You will still able to play all those games without a single connection error. SocialGames has incredible game feature for Facebook gamers. Take a close look at it.

  1. All Facebook Flash games supported.
  2. An additional port to prevent connection error.
  3. Wi-fi supported for all iPad devices.
  4. One of the best Adobe flash player alternative app.

Ver. 2 | Size: 9.8 MB | Compatible: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone | Price: $3.99


I think this is the best alternative app for Adobe flash player, because I don’t like flash browser that plays videos online, because I can’t watch those videos offline. Actually, most of browser just plays flash videos online on iPad, but they couldn’t save or download and not even store them on our device so that we can’t play them later without internet connection. Peregrine comes on the spot for this ability. It not only downloads the flash file but also store them on your local storage of your iPad device and that’s a great way to deal with flv file for later use. Check out other features below…

Download flash player for iPad

  1. Added Download Manager to store flash files on your local storage.
  2. Now downloading speed has been improved.
  3. Updated app for latest iOS 13 and iPad.
  4. User can download music, document and even flash videos.
  5. Now you can download and store whole movie.
  6. 100% Free iTunes App for iPad

Ver. 2.4 | Size: 11.1 MB | Compatible: iPad, iPhone X, iPhone 11 | Price: Free


Personally I also have been using these apps for my iPad. A few of them works great on my iPhone too. You just need to decide why you need Adobe flash player alternative. Here are almost all best iPad iTunes apps that can play flv videos as well as games too.

Don’t forget to share other apps, if you have that can also work as Adobe alternative flash player for iPad or iPhone.

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Updated: September 12, 2019 — 12:14 pm


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  1. I need adobe flash player for iPad 2019. Is there any app supports this 2019 iPad? I heard somewhere that Apple would bring adobe flash player support for iPhone and iPad.
    I don’t know what is truth.

    1. As far as Adobe flash player support, Apple already cleared all the doubts and possibility of flash player in iOS devices. iPhone or iPad will never get flash player support. Meanwhile, Apple will develop it’s own flash player functionality in upcoming devices.

  2. I never tried Photon flash player on iPhone app store. Puffin was listed couple of years ago. Now, I’ve no idea it will work or not. We need any other adobe flash player alternative for iPad and iPhone.

  3. If you can bear restrictions, you can download Puffin for free. As I already mentioned restrictions, I want to add some more info to this. Free Puffin comes with a lot of restrictions. It is one of the best flash content provider, however requires users to purchase paid version.

    1. Yeah puffin is paid app. If you managed to jailbreak your iPhone, then there are wide range of flash apps available to download.

      1. Guys, Apple put their hands on Puffin too. Apple often black list this flash web browser for iPhone and iPad. The result is, Puffin developers have decided now to shut down their services for iOS. It will stop working on iPhone and iPad from now.

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