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Download Appvalley to install tweaked apps, modded games and many more on iPhone or any Android phone. Best alternative of jailbreak and Root for Pro users…

At the time of old iOS and Android, there were no restrictions over apps and games installation. Developers were free to publish their creation for the compatible smartphone. Many iOS researchers released jailbreak for iPhone and iPad. Jailbreak was able to install tweaks that were customize iOS and change their look. Jailbreak’s second benefit was installing modded apps.

Within third party app stores, iOS users were able to download tweaked apps. At that time, vShare, 25pp, Kuaiyong, AppCake, Installous were famous. iPhone and Android makers have implemented codes to remove these possibilities to create root and jailbreak doors from iOS and Android and this is how a need arise for installing third party app stores directly.

What is App Valley?

What is App Valley?

Apple released new firmware and it prevents jailbreak and Cydia. So tweaked app installation was nearly impossible. Tweaked apps developers have found a new way to download and install tweaks on new iOS firmware. AppValley is one of those third party app stores that have this ability.

There is an advantage for iOS users that AppValley download works only on iOS officially by developers. AppValley Apk is not developed by original developer. Some apk developers created virtual database and app module to make it compatible for Android.

AppValley VIP

AppValley VIP

App Valley app has more than thousands of cool modded games as well as tweaked apps for iOS and Android. These tweaked games and apps are completely free and easy to install. The original developers are planning to release AppValley VIP app that is gonna paid version, however, there is no official news about it. Till now, users are allowed to download regular free version.

Tweaked Apps

Compatible Platforms to Download Tweaked Apps

Original developers have created this app store only and only for iOS. iPhone users can easily try their hands on tweaked apps from App Valley database for free. These installation works on enterprise developer certificate issued by Apple itself. However, they revoke these certificate time to time to prevent such third party app stores.

iOS 13 which is released couple of months ago is the latest compatible iOS firmware for App Valley store. At the time when this article was published, AppValley iOS 13 combination was working like a charm. It works without jailbreak and Cydia. This is a great achievement for the users who can’t live without jailbreak. At least there are some modded apps and games they can enjoy without jailbreak iOS 13.

AppValley APK

AppValley APK

There’s completely different story for Android users. Unlike TutuApp, Appvalley apk doesn’t work properly on Android smartphones. The users who wanna try this app store need to rally on some apk builders on the web. We’d suggest Android users that keep away from AppValley APK and in replace you can use Tutuapp regular free version.

AppValley iOS

How to Download AppValley iOS 13

This app store brings all the third party app collection to iOS 13 powered iPhone and iPad without any kind of jailbreak or Cydia. Since the usage and installation are easy, iOS 13 users can easily download iPA file and install it. Below is the installation process.


AppValley VIP Installation

To install it, you want to follow some simple steps which may be completed within few seconds. However, the download and installation process also depends on your data network speed.

App Valley

  1. iPhone and iPad users will need to access
  2. Just tap on “Install” button if you’ve iPhone. If you’ve iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, then tap on iPadOS button.
  3. Once you tap it, system will inform you that you’re gonna download configuration profile. Tap on “Yes” or “Download”.
  4. When you’ll successfully downloaded configuration profile, system will ask you to “Review the profile in Settings app, if you want to install it”. Tap on “Close” button and head to Settings app.
  5. Open Settings app, head to General menu and scroll down till “Profile” Tap on it.
  6. You’ll notice “AppValley“, tap on it. Tap on Install button located at the right side of top bar.
  7. Done

Once you install app valley from profile section, the app will be appeared on your home screen at the last page. And this means, you’ve successfully installed the app.


Delete AppValley or Uninstall it

There are a bunch of alternatives available for 3rd party app stores. You’ll easily find better app store on the web for iOS and Android. So, if you’ve changed your mind to remove it for better search. You can easily remove AppValley in just a tap.

Follow me…

  1. You can tap and hold app icon on the home screen.
  2. Icons will be toggled, just tap on “x” symbol of AppValley.


  1. Connect your iPhone to Data network.
  2. Open Settings app.
  3. Scroll down and choose General.
  4. Again scroll down and choose Profile here.
  5. Remove “AppValley” profile.
  6. Done.

Apps like App Valley

App Valley Alternatives

I can list up couple of top alternatives to Valley App. Among all, Tutu, Panda Helper, TweakBox, Emus4u, vShare and AppEven are best. You can consider any of these alternatives. I personally like Tutu vip app. The reason is, it’s vip app collection.

Tutu contains largest number of app and games. I found that it gets updates too frequently. The database of apps and games on Vip app is largest one. Tutu costs $12, so it doesn’t harm the pocket. However, it is my personal choice and I don’t recommend anyone to use it too. I love my iPhone with as less apps as possible.

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