The ePub Readers for iOS, Android, Windows [iPhone, iPad]


EPub is a short form of electronic publication books. There are many free tools available to read ePub books for Windows OS as well as Google Chrome extension for online reader.

From when first kindle book has been released, more and more users like to read books online. Current generation uses various reader tools to read electronic publication books on Windows operating system.
What is ePub Format?

Those books which not printed or published on physical paper called electronic publication file. ePub format is used to write electronic publication file online. User can read them on Windows 10 using various tools available on the web. If you are on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can use free iOS apps to read them.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can convert electronic publication file format to PDF file to read them directly. For Win 10 and 8, you can use free reader utilities offline and Google Chrome extension for online.

Download ePub Reader for Windows. To make available some best utilities for PC users, we have picked up best free electronic publication file reader for you. Download, install and enjoy reading ePub format file offline or online.

Sony Reader

A most recommended reader to read e books. It is available for Windows, MAC as a PC operating systems. It is also available for Android, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is absolutely free for all the devices and OS that mentioned above. It has some very quality features.

Cloud Sync

If you are using Sony reader to read ePub books, you can access all your selection, bookmarks and favorite books directly from Cloud storage using multiple devices. You can access all your bookmarks from your iPhone, Windows 10 or Android Smartphone using Cloud feature.

BookShelf View

This is popular feature where user can use group shorting feature and page cover zooming.
User can create and manage their favorite eBooks using Sony ePub reader whether you are on Windows 10 or iPhone. User can install Google Chrome extension too for online use. Wi-Fi Supported.

Download | Type: Free | Compatible: Win 10, Windows 8, Android, iOS

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe is second most recognized name world wide who developed many free and premium software for Windows OS. Adobe reader has great accessibility to read ePub format books. It also has many quality feature that makes it unique out of other eBook readers.

It supports both ePub and PDF formats. User can use it to download or purchase eBooks from the web. User can read them offline or online. It allows you to transfer your downloaded ePub to other computer or Smartphone. It has Apple Retina Display render that delivers great reader quality and experience on MAC devices. User can view eBooks on full screen for better view.

User can create and managed their favorite eBooks using library feature. You can add highlight text or comments during reading for the future reference and for reminder. Adobe reader provides printing feature. You can print or save any ePub formated book that has permission to do so. You will notice clear permission at the top of that book. It is available in 11 languages including English, French, Chines, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Korean.

Download | Type: Free | Compatible: Windows 10, Win 8, 7 and MACOS


It is another great free tool to read ebooks. The good part is, you can edit ePub format books on this free tool. I personally use it to make eBooks in ePub format. It has many cool features. Library Management: User can sort out eBooks based on title, size, downloaded, views and many other parameters.

It can be used as converter to convert PDF to ePub or electronic publication to PDF or other format file.
User can get all the updates from major websites in a ePub file format in a full version and not just a summaries. Full customized eBook reader that allows copying, printing and editing ability.

Download | Type: Free | Compatible: Windows, MAC OS and Linux

MobiPocket Reader

It is pure Windows ePub reader that provides great quality eBooks in various file formats. User can download, view or organized books easily. User can read books using their PC, iOS or MAC OS. It is good competitor for above listed three free online book readers.

  1. You can sync your Smartphone or PDA and transfer eBooks easily.
  2. User can add highlight text. Just select a text, phase or line and add highlighted text between them.
  3. Better readability.
  4. You can change font and font size for smaller text as well as zooming feature too zoom in smaller text.
  5. It has dictionary support for many languages.

Download | Type: Free | Windows, iOS, Android

MagicScroll eBook Reader

It is best ePub reader for online use for them who don’t want to install any third party application on their device. You need to install this small utility in Google Chrome web browser that allows you to read all top eBook formats including electronic publication and PDF. It is famous for it’s scrolling feature.

  1. User can turn on auto scrolling feature that turn text, paragraph and even pages as per your settings.
  2. You can sign up there to access same account on various devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones.
  3. MagicScroll can work without internet connection. Once you have downloaded ePub books, you can read them offline too.
  4. The one and only Google Chrome extension that gives you all the functionality like other great tools mentioned above.

Download | Type: Free | Compatible: Google Chrome


It is specially for Mozilla Firefox. You can install Firefox add-on that allows you to read electronic books online. User don’t need to download any software or ebooks for that. It has all basic feature like other tools.

Download | Type: Free | Compatible: Mozilla Firefox


It is small utility for Windows operating system. You can install it on your Windows 10 or 8 and enjoy reading eBooks in ePub and PDF format.

Download | Type: Free | Compatible for Windows OS

Your Choice

As always, I left this space for my loyal readers and views choice. You can mention free or premium tools which you are using to read eBooks that support PDF and ePub format files.

I personally have been using Magicscroll for Google Chrome as a extension and Adobe reader as installed tool for Windows 10. They serves great quality and readability both online and offline for my PC. While, I like to read eBooks on my iPhone using Sony Electronic Publication Reader.

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