Top 10 Best Notepad Apps for Android & iOS in 2019


Notepad can be seen on Windows as well as MacOS. And, it is one of the stock notepad app for both firmware. Now, you can use it on the go on Android smartphone or on iPhone powered by iOS…

Stock notepad app is one of the most popular and useful app among windows users. You may have remembered that text document creator, it is nothing but note pad app on Windows 10. It is so handy that we can instantly note down anything that we want to note down quickly.

The same way, Apple also understood the creativeness of note pad and they created “Reminder”, “Notes” and “Sticker” like apps on Mac OS. There are also quite popular and useful. I love Mac OS Reminder app, however, today we’re here to talk about Notepad app rather than any other stock apps.

Plus, I’ll show you some note pad apps for Android and iOS. These apps are not stock apps, you will need to install them from app stores, but they are quite useful and can be a great notepad for iPhone or Android smartphone.

So, the basic thought to publish this article was the need of notepad to write notes on the go whether you’ve Android or iOS device. With the use of these notepad apps, you’d be able to note down any important notes, key points, thoughts or to do things quickly and more smartly. It may increase productivity and at the same time it may help in making your life easier and smarter.

Free Notepad apps that can’t ignore in your daily routine

In daily routine, we get a lot of important things to remember. In a busy life, we forget or miss many important details, remaining things that needs attention from you in the future or important work notes. Thanks to smartphones that brings an opportunity to use couple of smart notepad apps that can be used on the go with the help of Android and iOS.

Below are a list of free notepad apps that can be consider to note down important things on the go…

Google Keep

Google keep is one of the best notepad app for all kind of platform. You can access it anytime, anywhere with internet connection. You can keep records of any text on the go.

notepad app

Google keep is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Actually, it can be access using any web browser on the web. Just connect your device to data network and update your text. If you installed it on your Android powered smartphone or on iPhone powered by iOS, you can keep records, create notes or make a list or whatever regarding text even without connecting to data network. When you connect your device to data network, those offline created notepad notes will be updated automatically.

Download From PlayStoreDownload From iTunes

I personally used to create tasks, to do lists and reminders. This is quite similar to Notepad, however quite useful and better for day to day to do things. You can create reminders and when you have completed that task, you can mark it done.

Notepad is best alternative to “iOS Reminder app”. However, you can keep notes like notepad many way using this Android and iOS app. I’ve tried it on both the mobile platform and it works smoothly. I’ve suggestion that use Reminder app for iPhone. And if you’ve Android smartphone, you can go with the combination of Google keep and as alternatives to Notepad app.

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If you’re thinking that this notepad app is developed by Microsoft or it’s stock notepad for Android or iPhone, you’re wrong. This iOS and Android Notepad apps are developed by third party developers. It has nothing to do with Microsoft stock application. It is developed for smartphone that can be download and install on iOS for iPhone and on Android for many different different smartphones powered by Android. However, features and functions are similar to stock Windows app. you can create notes, lists and many other tasks that you can do on stock app.

Download From PlayStore | Download From iTunes


If you’re looking free Notepad app alternative, you can’t miss InkPad. This app is developed by official developers and the app is available for both major smartphone platforms. You will get the same InkPad app on iPhone and Android device. It is compatible for iPad and iPod Touch too. Users can create to-do lists, shopping lists and other important details using InkPad. Users are allowed to update them online so that in any case you can get those important updates from backup.

Download From PlayStore | Download From iTunes


Many of you have heard of Evernote notepad like app. Evernote app is available as free and paid versions with different functionality. Once you download and installed Evernote, you’ll be able to create to-do list, notes, reminders and other things very easily. It can be accessed on Android, iOS and on the PC using website. Yeah, users are allowed to make tasks or add notes using voice commands.

Download From PlayStore | Download From iTunes


This is the app that is developed and maintained by Microsoft. OneNote is officially backed by Microsoft. You’ll get a far better options and compatibility with better storage functions with this Notepad like app. OneNote is highly customization and lightweight app. Android version can be download from Google play store whereas iPhone users can download OneNote from Apple app store. Below are the links for both Android and iOS. Download and install to create endless to-do lists, other notes, reminders and many other endless opportunities. The best ever to do app.

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Look it depends completely on your choice what type of Notepad app you want. If you want note pad app for day to day to-do tasks, you can go with InkPad, or Evernote if you’ve Android smartphone. But, if you’ve iPhone and don’t download any of these apps for to-do lists or reminders, you just use stock Reminder app of iPhone.

The same way, if you are looking for true notepad alternative, you can download Google keep, OneNote or EverNote for close and best user experience.

We’ll keep updates with newly updated information and details about new Notepad apps. Please comment and share your thoughts and experience in the comment section for better creation.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:35 am

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