10 Best Stranger Chat Apps for iOS & Android


Strange Chat Apps

These 10 Stranger Chat and Dating apps are best to connect with strange peoples who can be your life time friend in the future. You can connect them online, later date or make them call anonymously using Android or iOS phone.

While making new friends we always look for strangers, but there may have many issues. Direct meeting can mess up whole thing. Instead of direct meeting, if you’ll use any chat app or dating app, it will be nice approach from you. In today’s apps edition, we’re gonna bring couple of most popular and useful online chat apps. These apps can be used as dating apps too.

Do you know WhatsAPP was best for chatting with known friends or with them who are already in our contact list, but if you wanna chat with strangers or with unknown peoples, how you’ll make connect? There are many options on the web for iOS as well as Android smartphone as apps that can be download and installed right on your smartphone and start chat with strangers and anonymous peoples. Using theses chat apps, you can start stranger chats, audio conversation as well as video calls.

Stranger Dating and Chatting Apps

Unlike apps we’ve on Tutuapp, all of these apps are available on Play Store and App Store. You know what store we’re preferring here. Plus, we’ll give you proper links to the respective stores. You can download chat app for free, install them on your iOS smartphone and if you’ve Android phone, use it.

LivU - Stranger Chat App


If you’re searching chat app that can help you in making new connections with strangers, LiveU is right choice for you. It is compatible for both the iOS platform like iOS and Android. It has powerful search engine that can search thousands of new friends in a second. Plus, millions of users are already using LiveU app, thus there is more chance to explore large number of new friends from all over the world. LiveU gives you an option that allows you to create your LivU profile with Facebook or Google without creating any additional account. LivU can be used for dating, video calling or just for chatting with strangers.

Download LivU APK | Download iOS App


Skout app is the best creation for iOS as well as for Android devices. If you’ve iPhone or any other Android device and you wanna use stranger chat app, you can choose Skout blindly. The best ever chatting and dating app till date. Skout has powerful ability to search local area for new stranger lookout. It means, when you search somebody on Skout, it will first search local area for stranger to chat, then it will go globally.

Download Skout App | Download iOS App


Meetme app is known as the best chat app for strangers. If you are looking strangers to make friends, you may be hunt of local girls and boys. Thus, Meetme is the best option to fix first date with stranger boy or girl. Fortunately, Meetme is also compatible for Android and iOS phones. One can download it’s apk from Play Store that shows millions downloads. Meetme is categorized as free app on Play Store as well as on iPhone app store. With the help of bunch of filters, you can search endless strange girls or boys to make friends. At the same time with filter and searching, you can make strong connection with those strangers using audio chat, video call or just text messages online on Meetme app.

Download MeetMe APK | Download MeetMe iOS App


Hi5 app is one of the most gorgeous looking app. It’s interface is heart taking. You can’t stop chatting, dating and make connection with your love once whether she is girl or he is a boy. Ultimately, strangers will come close to you using various chat options such as text chatting, phone call chatting, video calling options and finally, you can arrange a dating meetup with strangers. The best ever feature of Hi5 is, you can ultimately hide yourself by hiding your location. Thus, you can be worry free that someone will find you if you’re close to him or her. The same time, you can hide multiple details from your profile and still can chat endlessly with your friends or any other stranger.

Download Hi5 APK


When we want to make new friends via any chat app, local area is most important factor to look out. Flurv app is incredible search engine that find out local strangers as well as other chatters who wanna make connections with similar profile or requirements. It means that you can find actually the right person whom you were searching. Flurv has all the traditional features that other apps have for chatting and dating. Additionally, Flurv is offering some premium features with premium package or you can say subscription. However, if you’re going to choose the best partner, why you’ll choose cheap chat app that is untrustable! So, chose best, choose Flurv app.

Download Flurv APK

Stranger Chat app by BrainSoft

Brainsoft is known for good quality app developer. It created another app which is getting popularity with the name of Stranger Chat app. It is combined with a wonderful and feature rich chat application along with powerful search engine. Uniquely designed search app can search thousands of strange users around your location in seconds. One can make strange connections within minutes. You can’t find such useful features in one app. Boys can search strange girls with filters like age, location, height and many other things. The same way, girls can search good looking and handsome strange boys right on their location with the help of Strange chat app. It is available on Android store as well as iPhone app store.

Download APK | Download iOS App


Have you ever heard about random chat app or have you searched those apps? HitWe is perfect app for you if you’re looking for random chatting app. If you’ll use HitWe app, you’ll forget about traditional chat apps. It encourages users to connect strangers so easily that you can find tens of local users and strangers on HitWe within minutes. With frequent updates, HitWe app has maintained the popularity along with availability and compatibility.

Download HitWe APK | Download iOS App


Splansh app is a popular name and on top of 10 best chat apps for strangers to chat. Splansh makes you funny by providing you options for sharing various things on the web. Users can share YouTube videos with other strangers and chatters. At the same time, you can chat with them using text, audio, video and group video calling features. Privacy is also a good tool for you if you’re using Splansh chat app.

Download Splansh APK

Bonus Chat App for Dating

As a bonus app, Sweet Date is a perfect dating app for strange users. It takes a great care of your privacy. SweetDate can be used as chatting app as well as dating app. You can use it any way you want.

Now, it is your turn. Share your choice, opinion, experience in the comment section.

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