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Now, download YouTube videos, mp3 songs and many more things with full liberty. Cercube iOS app is out for iPhone for it.

There’s many users out there who wanna watch YouTube videos offline or in the background. Many out there wanna download MP3 version from those videos. And there’s also users exist who don’t wanna purchase premium subscription that allows them to use YouTube in the background. Cercube app is for them.

Years ago, Cercube was firstly launched for jailbreak devices and to install it at that time, iPhone must be jailbroken in order to use this app. At that time, this app was known as Cydia tweak.

Now, when time changed, developers learnt to develop jailbreak free Cydia tweaks. Now, you can download, install Cercube without jailbreak on any iPhone on any iOS version.

Cercube List of Features:

First, I would tell you that Cercube is only for YouTube to download videos or songs from there.

  • Languages: It can be found on various languages that can be configured from settings of this app. Mainly, you can use it in English, Italian, German and Arabic.
  • Download YouTube Videos: This app is mainly developed and maintained to download YouTube videos.
  • YouTube MP3 Download: If you’re one who wanna download mp3 version of YouTube videos, then you’re searching a targeted app because using Cercube, you can download mp3 from YouTube.
  • 1020p Video Quality: Now for the first time, you can download high quality videos from YouTube using this tweak.
  • Fully Integrated with Stock app: Users can use this app seamlessly with YouTube. Yeah, unlike other tweaks and apps, you don’t need to uninstall stock app to use this app.
  • Bunch more features…

Download Cercube

Cercube iOS app is available only for iOS devices. So, if you’re Android users, it’s not for you. Developers may not release any apk for Android. iPhone or iPad users can follow below steps to download it for iOS.

  • Download Tutuapp first.
  • Once you download Tutu, you need to install it on your iPhone.
  • Open Tutu and search Cercube on it.
  • Tap it from the result.
  • Install it and trust the app profile from settings once.
  • Done.

Untrusted Developer Error

To make Cercube work without jailbreak on your iPhone, you must trust the developer profile of either Tutu. Mostly, because users not aware that these jailbreak free apps work with the help of developer certificate, the forget to trust the certificate profile from Settings. Trust it to avoid any error.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Head to General settings section.
  3. Now, navigate Profiles or Device management options.
  4. You’ll see Tutu profile that you must trust to use it on your phone.

Cercube not working at all

If Cercube not working even after trust developer profile, you can do following.

Apple has practice to revoke these developer profile to avoid unauthorized access and usage. If app doesn’t work or not opening at all, you can reinstall both apps from scratch.

Leave bug report or give your feedback or ask any question or help regarding Cercube app.

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Updated: January 21, 2020 — 12:17 pm

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