CotoMovies Alternatives: There’s Much Better Apps Like Coto



CotoMovies is online movie streaming and downloading site. Various iOS and Android apps are available on the web to download Coto app on these devices.

Due to huge popularity of CotoMovies, Android users are looking for Coto APK and iOS users are looking for iPA file to install on iPhone and iPad. Even PC users are also looking app for Mac OS and Windows 10.

What is Coto Movies

What is Coto Movies?

You may be aware of Coto, if you’ve ever used MovieBox, ShowBox or PlayBox. MediaBox was also popular movie streaming app similar to Coto.

CotoMovies (Bobby Movie) app is built to stream online movies on the go on mobile devices. Optional web version of Coto is available as website on the web which is accessible with any web browser you’ve.


Should You Use Coto?

We don’t ever promote piracy. CotoMovies aka Bobby Movies is associated to piracy that streams online movies for free. Since, there are bunch of applications available that streams movies for free with a small yearly subscription, you shouldn’t use CotoMovies at all.

What are better Alternatives to Coto Movies?

As we clearly mentioned above that there’s no shortage of alternatives. We’ll suggest you to go for genuine paid alternatives that cost you as much as you can pay.


Hulu app is one of the best alternative to CotoMovies as free option. You don’t need to pay a single penny to get all the latest movies and new web series for free. Each week, they uploads and updates latest movies in their database.

Hulu can be download as APK for Android and iOS users can download iPA file too. At the same time, Android TV and Apple TV can download Hulu app for free. Ultimately, all new Movies in full HD 1080p quality movies.


If you want true alternative app to CotoMovies, then you should at least once look at Hotstar. You get three options there in Hot Star. Free app offers latest movies and TV serials free of cost, however, you may get limited movies option.

The same way, you can watch TV serials and new episodes after a day or after few hours of telecasting on TV. Whereas, VIP and Premium subscription cost a little money where you get high priority and wide range of movies.


CotoMovies won’t have such large movie collection as Kodi has. Kodi app got an approval from Apple TV store as well as Google Android Store too. Users can download and install Kodi TV app as well as smartphone app for free.

Kodi is most useful app for any Android or iOS smartphone users especially who are movies lover. You may completely forget about CotoMovies if you will look at Kodi once.


Now comes to most popular Android and iOS movie streaming app, MovieBox. This app is built for your Android and iOS devices. MovieBox APK works better than CotoMovies Android version. At the same time, Movie Box is free.

Bobby Movie

CotoMovies is known as Bobby Movie app that is available for Android and iOS. Users who can’t afford to miss CotoMovies, can download Bobby Movie apk for Android. iOS users can download iPA file.

Ratings of Coto Movies Download


If there’s free or freemium app available for your smartphone and TV or computer to stream online movies for free, then why should you do piracy? Choose Amazon Prime, Hotstar or Kodi and even a lot more options and apps like CotoMovies can be downloaded for your smartphone, choose them genuine app and enjoy.

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Updated: December 11, 2019 — 5:36 am

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