How to Delete WhatsApp Photo, Videos and All Data


Delete Photos, Videos and Voice Messages from WhatsAPP

Videos, Photos, Texts and other documented files that you received from WhatsApp can become headache if you don’t delete them time to time. Today, we’ll teach you how you can remove those out dated media files from your smartphone.

Normally everybody who has installed WhatsApp sends and receives a lot of files, it can be pictures, videos or text chat messages. After some time, if you don’t remove them time to time, it will eat whole of your phone storage and you get warning to remove those outdated data.

If you delete those unused data from your iPhone or Android device then it becomes very good practice for your. However, it is not easy to remove those media day by day. We must be careful while removing those data. Sometimes in hurry, we delete important data. But the situation becomes more worse when WhatsApp media get stored at two different location that causes duplicate content issue.

How to Delete WhatsApp Media from iPhone

Below are the steps that you should take to clean up WhatsApp Photos, Videos and other documents except text chat message. In this way, your chats will be intact and other media contents will be deleted.

  1. Have you ever configured WhatsApp? It has a Settings menu. You need to access Settings page by tapping on Right bottom option.
  2. There’s a separate section is available to access data and storage related settings. You need to access it and will further proceed to tutorial.
  3. Tap on Data and Storage Usage settings.
  4. Now, head to Storage Usage page.
  5. Here, choose Conversation and them tap Manage option.
  6. You can select and choose multiple items at once like Photos, Videos, Voice and other messages including documents and other data.
  7. Once you check and select the items that you wanna remove from your device, just tap on Clear.

These way, you’ll be able to remove all the unused images, videos and voice message that you got from WhatsApp.

Bonus Tips

Tip 1: There’s option for WhatsApp that allows Camera roll to prevent saving WhatsApp images, voice messages, Pictures and Videos to Camera roll.

Effects: This way, you can prevent duplicate content on your iPhone or iPad.

Tip 2: WhatsApp users can head to Settings and prevent download picture, videos and all other media contents except text messages through WiFi or any other form of internet.

Effects: This way, you’ll be see and download only those photos and videos that you actually what to open and download. You’ll be able to tap and download those content as per your choice.

Tip 3: You can reset WhatsApp at any moment to wipe up all the media, text messages and all other content from the app and will make it brand new app like you’ve just installed the new app.

Warning: This way, you’ll lost all the content downloaded or got via WhatsApp. These contents can be text chats, important documents and photos that you don’t wanna delete at all. So, We’d suggest that take these measures after proper knowledge.

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Updated: April 20, 2020 — 2:43 am

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