How to Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13.4


How to Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13.4

If you’re jailbreak lover then downgrading iOS 14 to iOS 13.4 or older version is good reason. Older versions have good possibility to be eligible for Checkra1n or any other jailbreak tools for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Today, we’ve come up with a detailed tutorial for how to downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13.4 Jailbreak firmware. This tutorial will be applied the same way for iPadOS 14 too as iOS 14.

Why you should Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13?

Many of you’ve upgraded to iOS 14 for a good reason. iOS 14 is new and brings some most awaited features for iPhone and iPad. No doubt, iOS 14 is best till the date because of the features and also because it is new that feels cool.

However, if you’re one who wanna jailbreak iPhone, you need a firmware that is compatible for most recent jailbreak release. In this conditions, downgrade iOS 14 is the best option.

Okay, now you know where are you (iOS 14) and you wanna downgrade iOS 14. Now the question comes, where you wanna go. I mean where you want to downgrade? As Jailbreak is the primary reason for downgrade, so we’ll downgrade to iOS 13.4, because the most recent jailbreak is available for that firmware at the present.

How to Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13.4?

Before start, you need to understand what you’ll need and how you’ll perform the process of downgrading, right?

So, you need your iPhone and a cable that you use to connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac or Windows PC. Here you can use your iMac too for downgrading procedure. Basically, you need three things here…

  1. iPhone or iPad
  2. Mac or PC
  3. USB cable that connects iOS device to Mac or PC

Steps for Downgrade to iOS 13.4 from iOS 14

I hope you understand the basics. When you’re ready with above things, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is 100% charged. It’s battery level should be above 50% to perform this task, but if you’ll charge it to 100% then it will be best.

Step 1: You must have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Plus, this iTunes must be updated to the most recent update. So before attempting to downgrade iOS 14, you must update iTunes to the latest version. You can use PC or Mac, but it must have iTunes and that must be latest software.

Step 2: Have you downloaded IPSW files? Yeah guys, you must have iOS 13.4 IPSW files. You can download iOS 13.4 IPSW files from Apple. Download those IPSW files based on iPhone or iPadOS. Remember iOS and iPadOS IPSW are different.

Step 3: Now switch on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch whatever you’ve. And, head to Settings, then iCloud, then turn off “Find My iPhone” or “Find my iPad” again whatever device you’ve. During this process, system will ask you to enter Apple ID and Password, so be ready with that. And, you can’t downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13.4 or to any firmware if you won’t turn off find my device option.

Step 4: If you connect your iPhone to Mac or PC, you know about connection process. You must have USB cable that comes with box and a PC having iTunes latest update. So connect your iPhone or iPad with Mac and put iPhone to DFU mode. Now, if you’ve iPad, the same way, you’ll need to put iPad to DFU mode.

Note: Separate topic will be required to address to understand how to put iPhone to DFU mode for downgrade iOS. For that, you can search the blog.

Step 5: Now you’re heading up to start the procedure. Be ready with all your luck. Press and Hold Option key of Mac OS. Now if you’ve PC and you’re using your PC to downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13.4, then you need to press and hold shift key of your PC keyboard.

System will show restore option, Tap on to Restore iPhone or iPad to proceed.

Step 6: Now, System will ask you to choose which IPSW file you want to restore to iPhone or iPad device that you’re using to restore iOS 13.4 or to downgrade to iOS 13.4. Here, those iOS 13.4 IPSW will be come handy that you’ve downloaded during the initial steps.

Step 7: Once you’ll choose correct IPSW file and if everything okay that you’ve done during the downgrade process, your iPhone or iPad will reboot multiple times for several minutes that is completely normal so don’t panic and don’t be afraid.

After successful downgrade iOS 14 process, you’ll be landed to iOS 13.4. Here, you will need to download iOS 13.4 jailbreak and do the jailbreak iPhone.

If you found anything difficult or need any video assistance or personal care, you can comment below. One of our volunteer will help you out immediately.

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Updated: April 28, 2020 — 4:00 pm

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