3 Best Ways to Download Free Music for iPhone, iPod and iPad


If music rocks you and you’re searching the top notch music experience right on your iPhone or iPod, you’re on right place, keep reading…

Music is something what keeps me motivated whether I’m on gym, jogging or driving. So, it’s very important for me to keep my iPhone and even iPod with the latest and top music tracks, hit songs and other motivational sound tracks. And, that’s my regular job.

To be true music is wonderful way for me and it helps a lot during workout or long journeys. Even at night or during quality time with family, I prefer to listen music at low volume. I’ve created my own playlist and I love to keep it updated with the latest free music available on the web.

I’ve managed to download free music. I can access that playlist everywhere together or separately whether it is iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac or Apple Car Play. And, that’s the part I love Apple devices. I don’t have to download music on iPhone and iMac separately. Just download and store a playlist on Apple Music and access them on all your Apple devices.

Now you’ll be wonder how you can download free music for iPhone or iPod, right? Well, there are bunch of apps that offers free music, songs and new sound tracks. You just need to keep you updated with the latest apps and music that are released and you would love them.

Top 3 Best Music Apps to Download on iPhone for free

Keep note and if possible download these free music apps on your iPhone to get the latest and new tracks on your iPod or iPhone later on.


In USA only, there are millions of users use Spotify for music purpose. It offers free music as well as premium subscription for users who need extra care. For normal usage, Spotify free app is enough.

Spotify music app got 4.8 ratings from 7.6 Millions users. So, you can understand the popularity and usefulness of this app. To be true, if you’ve one of these apps that I’m gonna list up here, you don’t need to download bunch that some users do to download free music.

Spotify is available as free download for iPhone and all other Apple devices and operating system.

Ratings: 4.8 by 7.6 Million Users | Download

Google Play Music

To be true, Google Play Music app is not so popular comparing to Spotify in the ratings and installation, however, it is one of the best, easy and useful app for music lovers. You can download any music for free and later on transfer it to your local storage too for all device access.

To download thousands of free songs on iPhone, you need to subscribe a premium plan that is bundled with YouTube Red Membership. You’ll pay for Google Play Music service and you’re getting YouTube Red Membership free with it.

Google Play Music app is free and available on Apple App Store that can be installed on iPhone, iPod and iMac.

Ratings: 4.4 by 208000 Users | Download


The third most used music downloading app is SoundCloud that I personally prefer to download free songs on my iPhone often. It is available as free with limited features, however, you can add more features by adding in app purchases.

SoundCloud offers 200 Million music tracks and the database is growing day by day. One of the largest user group love to download and update music library for various purpose.

Ratings: 4.5 by 759000 Users | Download

How I Download Free Music on iPhone

You’ve observed that many times our favourite song either not available or was available as premium to download on these music app. Do you wanna know what I personally do in such conditions?

Hmm, I use YouTube to track that song and download by converting that video into music mp3 for free online and later I transfer those music tracks on my iTunes so that I can access them on my Apple Car Play, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone as well as iMac and MacBook too.

If you wanna know the exact process to convert YouTube video into mp3 and transfer to iTunes for multiple device access, you can comment below. And, don’t forget to share your personal trick to download music on iPhone for free.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:37 am


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  1. There are many apps available currently on the web that allows iPhone users to download music. The main thing is to transfer those music to your iPhone iTunes account. It means iPhone storage. Once those music have been transferred to phone storage, you can access them in your car play or any other device that use the same Apple ID. So, the more accurate question is how to transfer music to iPhone storage or to iTunes.

  2. Do you know what I liked in your article most? Your last part where you’ve mentioned the exact method how you actually download music from youtube to your iPhone after converting those YouTube videos to mp3. I also do the same thing when I want new sound track or ringtone for my iPhone XR.

    1. Look, you don’t need any complex method to download videos or music from Youtube. You can use Youtube to mp3 online converter and iTunes to transfer music or video contents from your pc to iPhone. If you would use iPhone safari directly then it would be best for you.
      hope this would help you.

  3. Very straight forward and detailed informative article, thanks for the info. I use one or two of above tricks on my iPhone to download free music. Specially, the last one that YouTube allows us download any song or music track completely free after converting video to mp3

    1. The same trick, i suggested to Erika a minute ago
      smart move

  4. I’m using spotify since 7 years and all the time I’ve been a premium user. During this long journey, the updates and frequent. All free music as well as premium contents get updated within a few hours. Recently, Spotify developers have updated it’s UI and somehow, it doesn’t have convenient music download option. I heard about Spotify Plus aka Spotify++. Can we use it as alternative to premium subscription?

    1. Personally, I will suggest you to look Youtube music app. It’s genuine, able to play music in the background on your iOS too. Download option may be also available there. Plus, main thing is, YouTube music is free. (also have paid plan)

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