Solved: Download Internet Download Manager, Run IDM on Mac OS Successfully


IDM is a most famous and used Internet download Manager for Windows operating system for computer. Somehow, the developers have not came up solution for MacOS till yet. However, now, we can run IDM on Mac computer also using some tricks.

Before starting, I’d mention couple of things why I’m posting this article here. I’m Windows regular user and I’ve purchased Internet download manager’s licence version that works only on Windows operating system. Same time, I’ve iMac and Macbook Pro that run Mac OS. Since, IDM not working on MacOS, I can’t use Internet Download Manager on Mac even I’ve Licence version. Since, IDM is the best and works like a charm that has been proved and I don’t have to say any word about it’s usefulness, I wanted to run InternetDownloadManager on my MacOS too. Meanwhile, I figured out how I can run IDM on my computer without quitting Mac operating system.

This article is not about to install IDM on Mac OS step by step, but I will explain how I managed to get IDM on Mac and now I can download whatever file I want to download at highest speed with resume feature with the same Windows licence.

So, basically, I searched a lot and tried a lot of software on MacOS even I mailed couple of times to Internet download manager’s developers about compatibility issues on Mac computer, but even after years, I was with empty hands.

Internet Download manager

At last, I had nothing to do except run Windows OS on Mac computer like dual OS, but this time, I was against quitting Mac OS, so I decided to use Virtual Machine to run Windows OS on Mac. I tried various Virtual Machine software and finally, I got Windows 10 on my Mac, but not dual boot. I installed IDM (Internet download Manager) latest version on Windows and now I’m using regular Mac OS and whenever, I want to download large files with resume feature, I open Virtual machine and run IDM on Windows like a browser. I can download files directly on my MacOS without switched off or quitting my Mac. So for me, this is most convenient way to use Internet download manager.

IDM Alternatives for Mac OS

I run Windows as second Operating system to use couple of softwares that run only on Windows just like internet download manager, but if you’re one who hate to run Windows or Virtual machine, you can use some alternatives. There are some soft of softwares available for Mac that work just like InternetDownloadManager.

So, this is the list of those top Internet Download Managers that I tried before applying Virtual machine and real IDM on Mac. So, if you don’t wanna try Virtual machine method to run IDM on your Mac, then you can go with one of these alternatives.

iGetter: One of the Best Internet Download Managers and IDM Alternatives for MacOS

Trust me, this is the best choice, if you can’t get IDM on MacOS for now. iGetter has similar interface, features and speed. I personally tried iGetter for some times and I’ll say that I was impressed with the features as well as interface. However, I uninstalled it and tried IDM with Virtual Machine because I had licensed version for which i had paid couple of dollars.

Before trying anything, you can jump to iGetter for sure. Just like paid IDM, iGetter offers some serious features such as resume capability and can fix broken connections.

  • Just like IDM, you can tap on big + button to add URL of the file that you wanna download from Internet.
  • You can use a single button to delete any particular file from the queue.
  • Users have options to start, pause or suspend any particular or all files that are listed in the queue.
  • There’s an option called Schedule which I found most useful. I could schedule couple of files that i was not sure to download instantly, so I scheduled them for later download.
  • If you’ve limited data or you wanna do speed limiter for all files equally, there is option for that too.
  • If you’ve added couple of files in the queue and wanna go away from your MacOS, then you can configure auto shutdown time. So that, iGetter will shut down your Mac computer when all files will be downloaded from Internet.
  • There are many more useful features such as Mirror, chart view, Zip Preview, resume and many more.

Get iGetter for MacOS

Speed Download Manager for Mac OS

The 2nd top Internet download manager for Mac according to features and my choice. If you’re looking similar features like IDM has, then after iGetter, I’d suggest Speed Download manager for your Mac operating system.

This IDM provides many features that you could use with Windows IDM…

  • You’ll have a big + button to add URL or just tap on ‘Add Files from URL’ to add files from links.
  • In Speed Download too, you can schedule your files for future download purpose.
  • Any time, you can stop, edit, pause or remove any files or some particular files.

JDownloader – Free Internet Download Manager for Mac Computer

JDownloader is also on the top list. One can’t avoid listing JDownloader in top list because of it’s features. If you’re on MacOS and searching for IDM on Mac, then JDownloader is the closest competitor that you can try.

I personally tried JDownloader and it’s fit on my requirements. Interface looks same as IDM whereas other features also matching it’s competitor.

  • It supports all sites such as MediaFire, ZippyShare and all other top file hosting sites.
  • JDownloader automatically solve all security codes and measures.
  • The most important and useful feature is Resume capability which is already added to the internet download manager.

Download JDownloader for Mac

Above were the top download manager for Mac which you can use as alternative to Internet download manager. However, I know one thing that if you’ve purchased licensed version of IDM and if you’ve truly used it, you won’t like other IDM for Mac.

I’ve used many many other alternatives too, however they are not worth mentioning here, they are waste of time. But yeah, these few Internet download manager can be tried for sure.

Please comment and share your choice, thoughts and experience about IDM for MacOS…

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:55 am


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  1. Allavsoft also works great in downloading online videos, music, subtitles on Mac and Windows.

    1. Many mac users missing IDM because it offers great speed. Does Allavsoft also offers same high speed with resume capability?

  2. I request to IDM devs to create solutions for Mac and Linux too. My licence version is getting dust.

    1. Oh, it is really annoying that devs are not taking interest in Mac OS. I have purchased their paid licence since 5 years and till yet they haven’t updated their software for Mac.

      Bro, if you’ve Mac, then I’ve a solution for you that I have applied on my iMac. I installed virtual machine and installed Internet download manager on that. IDM works like a charm on that Windows 10 without exiting Mac in the first place.

      I hope this would help you.

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