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Instagram++ iOS tweaked app is available for iOS devices without jailbreak. Another “Plus” edition can be download for Android phone too…

Instagram is a big name in social media. Users who are active on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp may have heard about Instagram++ aka plus edition. Its a modded version of original app to get more flexibility and features that original app doesn’t provide.

You’ll find bunch of apps that offers different different features, however, Instagram Plus can be a single option to get all of those premium features that actually original app doesn’t offer. Please note that this tweaked app is not developed or linked with original app in any way.

Instagram iOS

Instagram++ for iPhone

Instagram++ works on iPhone powered by iOS (Any version). The good part is, iPhone users can download Instagram Plus edition for free and without jailbreak iOS. Plus, this tweaked app can be installed on any firmware you want, because there’s no jailbreak required to install it.

No jailbreak means no Cydia, yeah. Cydia installer installation is the toughest job these days and if you could download and install any app without the need of jailbreak or Cydia, then it’s the biggest benefit for that app.

So, what would you do to download Instagram Plus tweaked app on your iPhone? You want to follow below steps.


1. Uninstall Original app: To get the modded version or tweaked version of this social media app, you must uninstall the original app from your iOS device. To do so, you can tap and hold the app icon. You’ll notice “x” symbol on each of shaking apps. Tap on that “x” symbol. This way original app can be uninstalled.

Download app

2. Download Instagram++: Once you’ve uninstalled or deleted original app, you’re ready to get installed modded version of this app. First of all, download plus version from here and head to the next step. You need to open Safari web application and head to ( the web link from where you’ll download Instagram Plus tweak. After download, open Instagram iPA file that you’ve downloaded from website and install it.

Download Instagram Plus Using Tutuapp

Use Emus4u to Download Tweaked App

AppValley Instagram++ App

TweakBox app store: Instagram Plus Plus tweak

3. Trust Developer Certificate: To install this app, you need to trust the developer certificate aka “Enterprise Developer Certificate”.

  • You need to trust Enterprise certificate from that developer, so open Settings.
  • Scroll down till General Section. Tap on General.
  • Scroll down again to Device Management and tap it.
  • You’ll notice Translaingrupp,OOO. Tap on it.
  • Trust it and now you’ll be able to open and use Instagram ++ modded app.


Instagram ++ Benefits

  • New Home Layout: The simple logic is, original Instagram app has news feed on Home screen of the app. You’ll get the new highly designed Home screen layout of the app after installing this tweak. You can organize photos of your own or your relatives, family or friend photos. This home screen is highly customize-able too.
  • Save Instagram Photos, Videos to iPhone: You may have noticed a restriction where you can’t save other user’s Instagram posts including photos and videos and other things. Yeah, you could capture screenshot of their photo posts, but couldn’t save them on your photo app, right? using Instagram Plus, you can actually save other user’s posts to iPhone’s photo app.
  • Get Better Info about Followers: Many times, we follow them who also follow you, but how would you know that who is following you? Suppose, you’ve followed someone, do you know that does he follow you? Using Instagram++ modded app, you can actually know all of these details easily.

app not working

Secret Tip

If you wanna know how to make it actually work or use on your iPhone, you can comment below and tell us what you know and since how long you’re using Instagram plus app on your iOS device with the request of the feature that you wanna apply on your account.

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Updated: December 2, 2019 — 9:13 am

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