SnapChat++ for iOS: Download and Install on iPhone, iPad


Download SnapChat++ on iPhone without jailbreak and save videos, photos to camera roll. Users now have many cool options available to configure with the new updated app. Plus, there are many options available to install this app on iOS device.

SnapChat++ app is very useful for the users who usage SnapChat regularly on their iPhone or iPad. This tweak helps users to do some extra things that can’t be done with native app.

Why you should install SnapChat++? There are few extra settings and features this app offers. Users can download videos as well as photos from SnapChat to iPhone and this is the most useful feature of this tweak.

  • Users can tweak appearance of the native app.
  • Change some privacy settings
  • Can modify story preferences
  • You can change visibility settings such as if you don’t want that others know that you’ve seen their snap, then this app really works like a charm.
  • You can link this app to DropBox so that you can download Snap to DropBox.
  • Plus, you can save Snap to iPhone with the help of this app.

Plus many more features and options you get after installing SnapChat++ on your iPhone. You just need to install this app on your iPhone and that’s a tricky part. But, you can easily do that if you will carefully read this article. More features are mentioned below.

  1. Have you thought to download and save video snap as well as Photos snap to iPhone Camera Roll? Now, you can with this tweak.
  2. Have you ever thought to check Snap without showing it as ‘Seen’? Now, you can view any snap without making it as Seen.
  3. The sender will not know and you can still view their snap.
  4. With the updated app, users can backup chat conversations.
  5. As a privacy option, now users can configure passcode.
  6. You can block any user you want with SnapChat++

Look, there are various options available for iOS devices to install this tweak, but here, I’ll explain only those options which are easy to follow for common users.

Download SnapChat++ with Tutuapp

If you don’t have jailbroken iPhone or if you can’t jailbreak iPhone or install Cydia on your iOS device, then TutuApp can be a great option for you to try. This is similar to vShare, AppCake or any other application store, but the difference is, TutuApp works on iPhone without jailbreak it. And since, you can easily download and easily install SnapChat++ using Tutu App Store, I’ll explain this method first.

Perhaps you don’t know one more benefit of this store, TutuApp developers keep updating each and every tweaked app timely. They keep track of revoked applications on their store, so whenever, Apple revoke any app from your iPhone, Tutu helper tracks that and offers you updated version of that tweaked application.

So, head to the installation part…

  1. To get SnapChat++ from Tutu Store, you can open Safari web browser and access web URL. At very first, you’ll notice a big ‘Install Now’ button, you want to hit that. Follow all the next steps to install Tutu on your iPhone.
  2. You should wait couple of minutes depending on your network connection and check whether Tutu app icon is placed on home screen or not. If it has been installed correctly, you’d notice it’s app icon on the home screen.
  3. Before you install SnapChat Plus tweak from this App Store, you must trust Tutu app certificate. So, Head to Settings, General, Profile and Device Management Section.
  4. In Profile and Device Management, you will have to find out Enterprise App menu. Here, you must trust and verify TutuApp Store. Once you trust this App Store, you’re good to go.
  5. Final step: Launch Tutu App Store, tap on search bar and type SnapChat and hit enter button. From the results, you want to tap on SnapChat++. Hit download button and install right on your iPhone.

Note: TutuApp is most advanced and working method to download SnapChat++ tweak on your iPhone without jailbreak, so if possible try this method in the first place and if it doesn’t work or you feel difficult installing TutuApp, try second method.

Download SnapChat++ using TweakBox

TweakBox is also similar to Tutu and you will need to follow similar steps here in this method too. You can download SnapChat++ iOS tweak for iPhone from this App Store too. Tweak Box offers many cool options such as games, emulators, and free paid apps for iPhone, iPad and of course for iPod touch.

  1. First connect your iPhone to the data network or with WiFi and open Safari app.
  2. Tap on address bar and type
  3. Once site has been loaded completely, tap on ‘Download App’ link right on that page.
  4. iOS will ask your permission to install TweakBox app on your iPhone, tap ‘Allow’ button to continue. Complete whole installation and once its installed, head to next step.
  5. Open Tweak Box app, you’ll see SnapChat++ and many other same name applications such as SnapChat++2, SnapBlue, SnapChat Phantom and may be many others. Tap on SnapChat++. Use search bar to search exact tweak.
  6. From the next page, tap on red ‘Install’ button right from the tweak name. Wait couple of seconds, it will be installed on your iPhone.

Unable to Download App – “Snapchat++” could not be downloaded at this time

Every app listed on Tweakbox or Tutuapp or on AppValley and even on any similar App Store has been signed uniquely by it’s developer and many times Apple revoke their certificate. In such cases, app developer or uploader can resign the app certificate otherwise until he doesn’t update the app with new certificate, you’d get ‘Unable to Download App‘ error while installing any such app. If you’re also getting this message while installing SnapChat++, it means app certificate has been expired or revoked by Apple. Wait couple of days and try again the same method or head to other method.

Snapchat++ Download using AppValley

We’ve seen TutuAPP and TweakBox methods. The same way, AppValley also works. You need to access and install AppValley first on iPhone in order to download SnapChat++.

Before heading to SnapChat Plus tweak, I will suggest to verify and trust AppValley developer certificate the same way as you’ve done with Tutu and TweakBox app in the first and second method.

Many times, Tutuapp or TweakBox show error, at that time, AppValley is good option to try.

SnapChat++ Cydia Tweak

Fortunately, if you’ve jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can easily get Snap Chat++ tweak from Cydia app store for free and easily. There are many Cydia repos available on the web that offers this tweak for free.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Friends, I’ve finished my turn. I mentioned whatever I did to get SnapChat on my iPhone. Somehow, I got it finally and did many times when Apple revoked SnapChat’s certificate. If you’ve better way or you did it differently, comment below and share your experience.

Edits are most welcome.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:56 am


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  1. Have you ever tried SnapSave app for this purpose? I have seen SnapSave app on Google Play Store for Android. You can download SnapSave APK from Google play app store for free.

    1. Yeah, Snapsave apk is available on Google play store. It is free and downloaded thousands times from all over the world for Android devices. Snapsave is primarily developed for Android and iOS device to save Snapchat snaps.

      1. If Snapsave is available on Google play store, then you should first try that app. Because, it may be more secure way to install any addon tweak or app. SnapChat plus is powerful tweak, but it won’t be available for download on Gplay Store.

  2. It is crashing again and again. I tried reinstalling it, however, snapchat not working after all the hard work. Please update the article with help

    1. Have you tried the trick in any other phone?

    2. If it is not working on your iPhone or Android device which you haven’t mentioned in your comment then you’re following wrong method, i guess. Because, if you download Tutuapp or follow above steps, you will definitely download and install working snapchat++. You’ll get working plus plus edition for free.

  3. Snapchat+ not working bro, I am now using Panda helper app that is similar to it. You can read about it and if possible just explore and post a detailed article about Snapchat alternative Panda Helper app bro.

    1. James, try Tutu installer to download this app. I tried on my own iPhone and currently it is working without any error. Sometimes, I think that it is better than original stock snapchat app.

  4. Do you have any trick for Android OS? I’ve Vivo V15 Pro. I’ll love to have Snapchat premium app for Android. I read this blog regularly, please suggest me download link. I want to get it free.

    1. You need APK 2019 for this. iOS users are lucky in this case. They gets quick update.

      1. You mean Snapchat++ APK? I think author has already updated APK link in this article.

      2. you mean snapchat apk 2019? All the updates are same man

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