How to Activate Flash Light Alerts for Calls and Texts on iOS & Android


Activate Flash Light Alert

To get quick overview about missed call or text, we will enable flashlight alert on iOS and Android today, so keep reading and also enable email alert for future update on this trick from the bottom.

Often, we miss call or message when our smartphone is on the table or somewhere near us but not on our hand. Imagine that if there is blinking flash light to alert you about missed call or text message, it would be convenient for you n?

Actually, it helps a lot if you enable flashlight specially when you mostly put your phone into silent mode where there’s no vibration enabled. If your smartphone got a flash light at front, then you should enable texts and calls alert with the help of that flash light.

In any smartphone that run on Android or iOS, you can turn on LED flash light alert for incoming calls and texts messages.

iOS: Enable LED Flashlight Alert for Text and Call

Fortunately, iPhone as well as iOS has LED flash alert feature. Apple has included this flash light for multiple purposes. One can easily enable flashlight text and calls alerts on iPhone. It works superb when you don’t need ringtone or vibration and still you’ll get this LED flashlight indication.

1. Quickly, open settings and head to General.

2. You need to scroll down a little where you will found “Accessibility”. Tap on this “Accessibility” menu.

3. There’s a separate option “LED Flash for Alerts” dedicated option to enable. Just tap on that option.

4. iOS will take you to the “LED Flash for Alerts” settings page. Toggle on LED flash for alerts.


That’s all done. If you’ve iPhone or any iOS device, you can enable LED flash alerts for calls and texts.

Android: Enable LED Flash Alert for Text Message or Incoming Calls

There are many smartphone runs on Android. Various brands use Android custom ROM on their smartphone such as Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, RealMe, Lenovo and a lot more. All of these brands have developed their own custom Android ROM.

If you’ve any of these smartphone that run on Android operating system, you can follow below steps to enable flash light call alert that works for messages and event alerts too.

1. Open Settings app. Every Android custom ROM has a settings app, so open it.

2. You’ll notice search field at the top of Settings app.

3. Tap on it and type Flash and enter.

4. Most probably, you’ll get the option to turn on Flash light alert for calls and texts.

5. Enable and enjoy.

Important Tip

There is a draw back in this way, you must put your Smartphone face down position. LED Flash light is located on the back near camera, so if you wanna enable LED Flash call and text alert, you must put your device face down.

Don’t forget to enable email alert for update of this article with more effective tricks and tips. We publish such tips and tricks along with hidden settings, so enable email alert which is 100% free.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:38 pm


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  1. I’m facing a little difficulty. But, first of all, thanks for this wonderful tutorial. Most tutorial out there on the web are available only for iPhone or iOS and there were very few articles available for Android.
    Now come to the topic, I enabled LED flash call and text alert successfully on my Xiaomi Android device “Redmi K20”, however, when I’m getting email or calendar event notification, there’s no LED flash alert for those events. I tried everything guided in your article. Please help me. Sometimes, I missed important email and whatsapp updates because of this.

    1. The same things happening in Vivo phones. I’ve Vivo v15 Pro and I can’t use flash light alert mostly because it consumes a lot of battery. Plus, it’s not like indicator LED, but its a large LED flash that’s why it eats battery a lot.

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