Top 12 Best Free Unlimited File Sharing Websites


You’ll love these file sharing websites specially if you wanna transfer big files for free online…

File sharing is must in latest social networking generation. Everyday, we need to upload and share large and small files, either they are images, music-videos or documents such as PDF, PSD and Illustrator. Small files can be share easily via uploading at free hosting sites, but as far as big files are concern, Its cumbersome to upload and send to particular person or group.

Normally two ways, you can share files. If you want to send your document to any particular person or company, you can mail them and add your attachment. While sharing a large file with your social networking group or world wide, you will need to use few hosting websites that allows large attachment uploading at free of charge.

For your ultimate attachment uploading needs, I am going to share few most popular and free services that you can’t miss out. Few of them allows you to earn money on behalf your uploaded attachment based on downloads. So, get ready to start your unlimited uploading and download experience.

Actually, There are a lot of free file hosting service provider that give you many options to share your file after uploading, even most of them give you option to earn money too. However, MediaFire, RapidShare and HotFile are few of them which has quality sharing service at no charge. Furthermore, they offer premium account too to get more customized sharing options. All of them give you direct link when you upload your attachment there.

File Sharing Sites

There are many free and premium attachment sharing sites. You need to use it based on your needs. Suppose, you want to share just documents, use services. If you want to share zip or rar large files, use MediaFire or Hotfile as they offer large file in a zip and rar formats. You can use 4Shared site to share music and videos related files whether it is mp3 or mp4. I will greatly appreciate, if you will share your favorite file sharing site.



Nobody can avoid such a popular and high quality file hosting website that offer many options and services. If you have large file to share with particular group or people or even world wide, you can use MediaFire without wasting single moment. You can use MediaFire for your professional purpose and personal use too. They allow maximum 100 MB large files, you can easily upload small files as well without any issue. They have option of premium account with great options and customized account. However, you do not need to register an account for simple file hosting needs. It lack one thing that is password protection. You can protect you uploaded attachments using password protection.


FileServeIt is the best website to host your attachment which you want to share. Millions of visitor uses FileServe website to host their files every month. Large number of visitors are from US, Canada and UK. However, it is popular in all over the world. To upload your file, just create your free account there and start uploading. User can easily host and share large files similar to MediaFire hosting website.


Here on you can upload music and videos files. It is most popular music sharing site and millions of visitor every month uses it to share their creations. You can search and download any files related to music and video from It works great on your iPhone or iPad too. It is fully optimized for smartphones and tablet. User can access it easily using simple mobile or high performance desktop computer website. It uploads large music and video files in couple of seconds that depends on internet speed. Their high performance servers serve those files world wide without any restrictions. However, user must sign up free or premium account to upload or download files hosted on which is very annoying.


File Sharing WebsiteThis is well known file hosting site that allows it’s user to upload attachment that can be downloaded from anywhere world wide. They offer two types of accounts. One is free account, while other is premium account. Free users may notice counter that shows 20 or 30 seconds waiting time before downloading, while premium user don’t have any restrictions. Premium users can download and upload large photos, music or videos without any restrictions.


Free File Sharing SitesI think this is the best file-sharing website service. When you upload any file on their server, they give you numerous links, all those links will be live and user can access any of those links. Suppose, one or more links down at the moment, user can access their files or videos using another link which is very convenient and affordable. They don’t offer registration at the moment to download files that are hosted on FilesTube. However, you will need to create an account to be able to host your attachment there.


It is completely free attachment and zip files uploading service. You will need to register free account there and upload up to 400 MB files as a free user. However, you will need to go for premium service as a paid user, if you want to upload more files after acceding 400 MB limit. Until you cross 400 MB data, you can use it completely free without any issue. It is a big name in file hosting websites and services. You can host your files securely at their servers.

File Dropper

It is also provide large attachments similar to above. User can upload up to 5 MB large attachment. Per file size limit is 5 MB without any registration. Download options are also very easy and accessible. You can create your own premium account, if you want to take premium service benefit. They don’t offer password protection on their files.


User can send large files including photo, images, music and videos. You can upload zip and rar files too. User can track their files based on downloads.


User can host up to 300 MB large file. Unlimited uploading and downloading available using their service.


I personally using to upload my documents. If you have documents to share such as Microsoft word document, PowerPoint slides or excel worksheet, you can use this document hosting service free of cost. Very convenient and trust-able hosting service.


Have you image, music or videos to share? Don’t worry. Its time to use to host all these files to share with your friends and families.


I left this space blank for your choice. You just need to comment your choice that you use everyday to host and share your daily sharing files.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:35 am


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  1. really top file sharing sites you mentioned here. You should put Google drive to the top of the list for better rankings

  2. WeTransfer and dropbox are also great unlimited file sharing sites. Dropbox is used as unlimited file sharing website in the world. WeTransfer is less secured. In this list, you should consider JumpShare website too.

  3. FilesTube and MediaFire are wonderful options. Mediafire is now offering paid file hosting which is quite good, but requires costly plan to subscribe. Please update some more new options. Plus, tell me about Google Drive. I’ve seen some blogs and websites that provides google drive link for movies and music sharing. I wanted to know that is it possible to get unlimited Google drive storage to share unlimited files using Google drive?

    1. I’m 100% agree. Google Drive is 100% a wonderful option to share large files to anybody in the world online. I’ve downloaded 5gb file from Google drive. I don’t know how these sites allow such a large files to their users. I guess, some users opted for 100GB sharing plan.

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