How to Hide Apps on iPhone, iPad in iOS 13


How to Hide Apps

Is there easy and better way to hide apps on your iPhone? If you’re looking solution for this, then you’re on right page. Today, I’ll explain various tricks to hide iOS 13 apps quickly and easily…

These days, privacy became a biggest issue for everyone. Kids gaming, friends and relatives may be biggest reason to protect apps from them.

If you don’t want to dig into a long article reading the, the trick is ‘Hide apps in folder‘. This is the most easy and effective way to make them hide from first eye. It would be little difficult for kids, friends or relatives to know about the app. At the same time, it would be hard and time consuming to find out from your iPhone or iPad.

The second most effective way is ‘Restrict iPhone apps with Touch ID or Passcode’. I personally use iPhone XS and I do it for couple of games to stop my children to play games or overuse of YouTube.

Hiding apps on Android is quite easy comparing to iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. I’ve seen on couple of Android devices that they can be locked or unlocked with the help of Face Unlock or Face ID. So, simple tap on your app to open and head up your face towards your phone and app will be unlocked, isn’t easy?

Can we Hide iOS apps using App Store Apps?

To be true currently, there are no apps on Apple App Store that allows users to hide any app on iPhone. Actually, there are some restrictions from Apple for apps to hide. However, you’d find bunch of applications that will hide photos, videos, messages and notes. So, if its videos, photos or messages are concern, you can hide them easily using various applications out there to try from App Store.

Hide Apps

But yeah, if you can manage to jailbreak iPhone, you can easily hide apps using various Cydia tweak. But believe me, jailbreaking iPhone is quite difficult these days, so it would be luck if you could get Cydia on your iPhone.

How to Hide iPhone Apps [Short]

Below are very short steps to hide app on iPad or iPhone…

  1. Tap and hold any app that you wanna hide from springboard. Once you get ‘X’ shape on the icon, it means you can now move or delete that app from your iPhone. So, Tap, hold and move that app to the last page of your home screen. Ex. if you’ve 6 springboard pages, just move the app that you wanna hide from first page to 6th or seventh page. That’s a great idea to hide app from starting pages.
  2. The second option can be hiding an app in the folder. To do this, you want to tap and hold the app that you wanna move to folder. Once you get ‘X’ shape on the app icon, just move it to the folder. Then, move that folder to the last page of iPhone screen. Rename that folder to a completely different name so that no one can figure out the app in it.
  3. As a 3rd option, you can restrict any app with passcode or touch id. Just head to the settings app and check security features. You’ll see options for restrict apps, configure it.
  4. If you can manage to jailbreak iPhone and install Cydia, you can easily hide, lock or protect iPhone app with numerous applications available on Cydia store. You can download and install one of Cydia tweak for protect, lock or hide any app you want.

Cydia tweaks to Hide Apps in iPhone, iPad

If you don’t have jailbroken iPhone or iPad, please avoid this part of article. This method and part is only for advance users who have jailbroken iOS 13 and installed Cydia.

There are few best tweaks available for iPhone on Cydia store that allows users to hide apps, lock applications, photos and videos even notes and messages. If you’ve interest in those apps, please look below.


Poof is a Cydia tweak that is available on BigBoss repo source. One can easily install Poof tweak on their iPhone after searching on Cydia store. Once you installed this tweak, you can easily hide app icon from springboard. This is most effective and working way to hide iPhone apps, but the limitation is, it works only for jailbreak iOS.


HideMeX Cydia tweak has bunch of options. The best tweak available for jailbreak device to hide any app, labels and anything from springboard, lock screen and from settings page. The limitation is, HideMeX tweak is paid one that can be installed from BigBoss repo.


OutofReach is available exclusively on Packix repo source. OutofReach is also paid tweak available for jailbroken iPhone. After installation, you can hide any app available on iPhone.


I personally use Poof, HideMeX Cydia tweaks to hide app icons from my iPhone when I jailbreak iPhone. But, when I don’t have Cydia installed, I use folders to move apps from springboard.

You can move apps to folder from springboard that you don’t want that others notice that app easily.

Share your experience, thoughts and tricks in the comment section how you hide apps on iPhone.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:39 pm


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  1. It’s hard to jailbreak your iphone? Huh? It’s no more complicated than downloading the unc0ver app from a third party App Store, clicking “jailbreak” on the unc0ver app, and your done. You now have a jailbroken phone. It’s not hard at all and will take you all but 2-3 minutes. Cydia will automatically show up once your phone resprings and then you click on that app and tweak your phone to your hearts content. Every iphone running iOS 13.3 or below can jailbroken. That means that if you did the most current update (13.3.1) you can’t jailbreak. It’s no more difficult to jailbreak your phone than downloading an app.

  2. I want to hide a certain app I have on my home screen on the settings bit, is that possible?

    1. Hiding apps from home page

      100% possible. It is 100% possible to hide apps on iPhone in iOS 13 from home screen. You can either set app limit or just put them inside folder or on dock and blur then.

      Hoping that this will give you some ideas to hide whatever you want from your iPhone.

      If you’ve Android, you can download hider app from app store and use it.

  3. How to hide apps on iPad Pro?

    1. Question: Hide apps on iOS 13 or hide apps on iPad

      Look, I personally think that Apple has very restricted iOS platform where you can’t customize iPad interface your own way. Hiding apps is something like that you’re customizing iPad user interface. Now, you know that you’re not able to jailbreak on iOS 13.2.2 or any further new update that doesn’t matter. The simple thing is, you can’t alter iOS core system.

      Since, iOS 13 doesn’t have any system preferences to hide apps, you can try alternative ways. All possible ways that can be applied to hide iOS 13 apps are listed above.

      Please Note that all the method that we’ve mentioned above are self tried and tested. Till iOS 13.3 beta, they were working just fine. You can reply here if it stops working or it is not working any more.

      Hopping that this would help you

  4. How to clone apps on iPhone?

  5. How to lock apps on iPhone?

  6. How to Hide Apps on iOS 13?

    iOS 13 has slightly different and lengthy process to hide apps and games. You can hide them two ways on iOS 13

    1. Hey, you can drag up to 5 apps to the dock of your iPhone running on iOS 13 and use reduce transparency feature and hide all of those apps from your iPhone. This trick works only on iOS 13. It is available for iOS 13 beta 1, however, it can be patched or improved with the future iOS 13 releases. Meanwhile, you can check it out to hide apps on iOS 13. Reduce Transparency feature is located at settings app under display and text settings.

    2. Just jailbreak your phone. Takes a couple of min and you can do it all from your computer.

  7. You can do an alternative way to hide iPhone apps that you don’t use or don’t like, try this:

    1. Just hit the Setting app icon.
    2. Now, you need to open Screen Time options.
    3. You want to select Content & Privacy Restrictions.
    4. Here, you can choose the apps that are allowed to show on screen or hide apps from home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

    This trick will work on any iOS device including iPhone, iPod and iPad.

    1. Wow, thanks Benjamin. You’ve better and easy method to hide apps on iOS 13. Yeah, I’ve tried these steps on my iOS 13 iPadOS and it worked like a magic. I noticed that it works almost on any iPhone or iPad out of the box whether you’ve jailbroken phone or not.

    2. Wonderful! You’ve mentioned the process so simple and quickly. Have you checked the steps on ios 13?

  8. Tell me the trick to hide Android apps first, because I don’t have iOS to follow steps. I wanna make my Android phone screen blank to view my photo on front screen

    1. There’s better options available for Android. There are many android Apps in form of APK available for many brand, you could just search Hide apps Android on Google Play to get them.
      I hope this will help

      1. Bro, here we’re not discussing Android apk anyway. If you’ve any idea to hide iPhone apps, then share them.

    2. I’ve a very nice idea for hide apps on android. Just open Google Play and search Hide apps, you’ll get the list of supported apps, download and install them. Get hiding apk

  9. Is there any app available for iPhone xr that hide app icon? There is one more help needed, I want to remove that app from settings too so that no one can know about that.

    1. Just make a folder on a last page or anywhere you want and add all the apps that you wanna hide in it.
      That’s it

    2. I think you won’t find any shortcut to hide app on iPhone X better than this article on web. I tried everything and found the best working solution to hidden up apps and settings from others on my iOS.

      1. screen time is useless. you can only hide a few apps that are part of the default features for iphone.

        1. I’ve ios 13.1 beta installed on iPhone 11 pro, can I use Screen time app to hide apps ios 13?

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