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HiMusic is another cool music streaming app for iOS and Android. It can be installed directly from Apple App Store for iPhone. An APK version can be found on Google Store…

Music streaming becomes top priority when you go to gym, walk or even travelling. There are thousands of different kind of music streaming apps and gadgets are available on web. This generation truly love and enjoy music all the way. Every music lover wants free music via convenient way. Many music streaming apps serve the purpose. Himusic is one of those quality music streaming apps.

Himusic is available for wide range of operating system. Users can download HiMusic for iOS, Android, Windows and even Mac OS. APK is available on the web for Android smartphones. Today, we’ll see how you can get it on your iPhone.

HiMusic offers free songs, music tracks and other sound tracks in wide range of languages. English is the primary content that it servers. I love 320 KBPS music tracks and this app provides the option to get that quality. I’ve iPhone 11 Pro and without jailbreak, I can download all music for free.

HiMusic Download Link

Update: Normally, we install apps and games from Apple App Store and APK for Android from Google Play Store. HiMusic was also in that list. It was one of the apps listed on official app store. Recently, it was revoked from official app stores. Now if you want to install HiMusic, you must download it using third party app stores. Follow below steps.

HiMusic APK and iPA for Android and iOS - iPhone

Guys, you can use TutuApp, Panda Helper, TweakBox, AppValley, Emus4u or iPA Library┬áto download HiMusic for iPhone or for Android APK file. Here, I’ll use Tutu free app.

  1. Download app Tutu. Tutu offers two versions, free and VIP. You can go for regular free app.
  2. Once you download and install Tutu, open and search HiMusic on Tutu.
  3. From result, tap on HiMusic and download it.
  4. Tap on Install button and follow onscreen steps.
  5. Finish installation.


The same steps, you can use to download HiMusic from other appstores. Links for those stores have been already given.


Android users will download HiMusic APK whereas iOS users will follow iPA method using above mentioned steps. But the features on both iOS and Android app are same. Below are the detailed list of those features.

  • Multi Language: HiMusic comes with native English language, however, it offers music for almost 90 countries all around the World. The developers keeps updated their database time to time with latest and updated contents.
  • HD Quality: HiMusic is known for quality music streaming service. You can found high definition quality among all music available on their database.
  • Easy Customization: Unlike other music streaming sites and apps, HiMusic offers better and easiest customization to create playlists to manage favorite songs in different categories.
  • Easy Import: App automatically imports all the music tracks from device to the app interface for easy customization and pleasant music experience.
  • Users can listen music even your phone is locked. Hi Music app plays music in the background too.
  • It is compatible for iOS, Android and Windows.

Hi Music Alternatives

If you’re music lover, you should have alternatives for various music options. There are a lot of music streaming services and apps. All of these apps and services are different. Some are free whereas others are paid. Check all apps at least without installing it. Just check the sites available online and if you like them, go for it.

Above are some alternatives to HiMusic app. If you need any help or have query about any app listed in this article, comment below.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:36 am


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  1. himusic not working. I downloaded it using tutuapp, but app is not opening. I tried uninstalling it and then again followed steps mentioned here, but nothing helps.

  2. please help himusic not working

  3. how to transfer songs that we’ve downloaded from Himusic to iPhone storage? The problem is, I’ve downloaded 15 top songs from hi music app and when I connected my iPhone to car play. I don’t see or play any songs out of those 15 music songs. Do you got my point. Once that music has been transferred to iPhone phone storage, I will be able to navigate and play using Apple Car play.

  4. Gaana is indian app. Gaana has some English songs, but 90% are hindi oriented music. I used almost all apps listed in this article including hi music, YouTube music app for iOS is best. It has all type of contents and music.

    1. Spotify is the app for you. It has 99% English songs and music. It is compatible for iOS as well as Android. You can easily download Spotify APK from Google play store. iPhone app can be installed easily from Apple app store. All other apps have less compatibility except YouTube music app. Himusic is also nice app for iPhone. I don’t know anything regarding it’s APK.

  5. Himusic is really cool app for iPhone. I recently downloaded latest version on iOS 12.4.1 and it was working just fine. I successfully downloaded almost 50 songs. After finishing 50 songs, download is now stopped. I couldn’t download any more song. Surprisingly, my phone has still almost 32gb free space. I couldn’t understand what is the issue. Hi music app is working fine. I can listen all songs, but I couldn’t download music any more. Please help somebody.
    and thanks for the article. after reading this article, I followed the steps and downloaded Himusic app on iPhone.

    1. You’re lucky man. In my case, i downloaded Himusic apk on my Android smartphone. I downloaded almost 30 songs in a day and from next day, i couldn’t able to download any more songs. I still have 100gb space free on my Android phone. I had 128gb storage. I guess, there is some download restriction. Users are reporting to have download restriction on 30 songs. I request to author to confirm about himusic app limitations too.

    2. Have you tried download songs again on next or few days later after download exceeded? I mean, it happens bro. If you’ve exceeded download limit then you should stop somewhere and try downloading songs after couple of days or hours. I do this and never faced issue.

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