New iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2, iOS 14 Release Date September 2020


New iPhone 12

We’ve come out with exciting features from iOS 14, iPhone SE 2 and new iPhone 12. All of these have been set to 2020…

We know that we are being so futuristic, considering iOS 13 that pushed updates in fast motion. In a couple of week, a lot of quicker updates have been released so far. Apple already pushed iOS 13.2.2 and further updates for iPhone 11 and older models.

Still iPhone 12 maker hasn’t made any official comment on iOS 14 developments, however, there are some trusted rumors that force us to think about future about upcoming major iOS features.

Since iPhone 12 5G support is almost a confirmed feature that is supported by iOS 14 too. 5G iPhone SE 2 is also expected for 2020 September event.

Plus, it will be interesting to see which are the other features and functions Apple will release with iOS 14.

When is iOS 14 Coming out in 2020?

If we see this years iOS update line up, Apple released the first stable version of iOS in September 2019 in the same month when new iPhone 11 came out. Definitely, Apple will follow it’s trend to release iOS 14 in September 2020. Huh, this month will be historical because new iPhone 12 2020 will also get introduced by Apple.

Apple has trend to release developer beta at WWDC conference. Apple unveiled new iOS beta version as developer build so many times in the past couple of years. If Apple follows it’s trend new iOS 14 beta will be out for developers at WWDC 2020 event. In very next month, iOS14 public beta will come out.

New iOS 14 Features – What we want to see

There are some rumors about new features and functions that may get in with new firmware update. Plus, we get a lot of liberty in Android operating system and iOS 14 users also want to see couple of most useful features. What are those? Take a look…

  • Better Hide options for Apps
  • Better App lock and privacy options
  • 5G support
  • will come with iPhone 12 2020

Hide Apps in iOS 14

There should be better navigation and interface to manage apps in iOS 14 specially the hiding apps on iPhone with latest firmware update.

As of now, Apple allows to remove some stock applications which iPhone users don’t like or use them. This was great move by new iPhone 12 maker company.

Apple is expected to come out with better options for hide apps in iOS 14.

iOS 14 Apps lock Feature

Some of you who use Android may have seen Android phones with better app encryption and locking feature. Some Android phones allow users to unlock locked apps with fingerprint as well as with Face unlock.

Apple is also expected to come out with better locking features for apps. It is expected that Apple will release better app privacy feature with upcoming iOS 14.

iOS 14 and 5G support

New iPhone 12 5G is confirmed by a trustable source and it will come out with iOS 14. 5G feature needs more powerful and stable iOS and 14 can be a good candidate for it.

Many Android smartphone already out with 5G functionality and support, in this scenario, how can iOS 14 and iPhone can sit behind. New iPhone 12 release date is still needs confirmation from Apple, however it is getting shape further and further.

What you expect from upcoming iOS 14 release?

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:34 pm


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  1. Is there any official news about new iPhone se 2 smaller size? I love slim and smaller iPhone. The perfect example is iPod Touch 8th generation. It looks so sexy. I’d love to see new Apple iPhone se 2 2020 same way.

    1. iPhone SE 2 may be in line up. New iPhone 2020 will be on final floor at 21 September 2020. Plus, you may see iPhone 12 with new iOS 14 release. A lot more exciting features, phones and iOS updates are coming from Apple in 2020.

    2. Yeah, official sources have confirmed that Apple is bringing smaller sized iPhone 2020 in upcoming year of 2020. Keep track this article, we’ll leak some images soon.

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