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Spotify++ iOS Haven edition released for iOS devices. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can download this plus version without jailbreak…

Most premium stock apps have some limitation or restrictions. Many times, these top apps have some features missing. Here, we’re talking about Spotify iOS 13. The new iOS update brought new features for iPhone, however, it has some strong missing features too.

Personally, I believe that stock Spotify app available on iPhone app store has many restrictions and limitations. Stock Spotify app is full of advertisements. Before and after a song, you’ll listen a advertisements which are quite annoying especially when you’re on the go.

What is Spotify?

What is iOS Haven Spotify++?

Plus, it restricts some basic but very important features such as high definition music, forced shuffle at every playlist, you can’t import your personal songs playlist to the stock Spotify app. Many more restrictions are there in stock app.


  1. You must have iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to install
  2. iOS 13 or iOS 12 and latest iOS updates.
  3. You must uninstall stock Spotify app from your iOS device before installing this plus edition.

Download Spotify++ v.8.9.5

Users are reporting after downloading and using iOS haven Spotify++ that they’re using premium features for free. There isn’t any annoying and frequent advertisements. Plus, users are enjoying extreme quality music songs for free.


iOS Haven Spotify++ iPA info

Spotify++ v.8.9.5 is developed by iOS Haven. It is getting huge popularity. iPhone and iPad users can download using iOSHaven app. Below are some interesting details about this app.

DeveloperiOS Haven
App Size546.6kb

iOS Haven Tweaked Apps

Download iOSHaven: Spotify++ Download Link

Spotify++ Features

Few top features, we’ve already mentioned in the initial part of this article. Additional information about features have been given below…

  • No ads: Spotify Plus v.8.9.5 offers zero advertisement experience. Users can instantly feel the difference in advertisement behaviour after installing Spotify++ iOS haven edition.
  • Spotilife: You’ll notice Spotilife settings and related feature in this app.
  • Seeking Enabled: By default, seeking is enabled on your iOS device.
  • No Forced Shuffle: You won’t be forced to use shuffle at all. It will depend on users that they enable or disable shuffle on Spotify iOS app while listening playlist.
  • Unlimited Skips: This is wonderful feature. Spotify users can easily skips unlimited time when they don’t like any song in the playlist.
  • Extreme Quality: In stock Spotify app, you may have noticed that song streaming quality is normal. Using this plus edition, you can enjoy high definition song quality for free.
  • Import Songs from Music App: At last, users can import any song available on Music app. This is really useful feature that gonna be very convenient for you to play songs.


You can report bugs, not working issues or any thing that you’re facing while playing songs on Spotify++. At least, you can share your thoughts, experience or difference of playing songs on stock Spotify iOS app and this plus edition below in the comment section.


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Updated: January 17, 2020 — 4:55 am

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