Tutuapp is finally getting makeover for iOS 14


Tutuapp iOS 13

Developers are serious to release download Tutuapp iOS 14 as free and vip helper for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

Each new firmware update whether it is iOS or Android brings new features and some more restrictions free environment. iOS 14 will be the iPhone operating system that may get many new features and updates.

We’ve observed that Tutu app has been changed quietly. And, that change came after the release of iOS 13. iPhone operating system is getting more and more isolated and restricted. Apple loves restrictions and it is good for end users. However, if you’ll put iPhone users in so much isolation and restrictions then 25% of the users will move to Android other platform.

Thanks to Tutu that brings some relief to the iPhone users by implementing support of few core apps that are essential for social media presence as well as games that power up younger and game lovers.

Other app developers: AppMarket is changing day by day

AppValley is close alternative and competitor for Tutu app, however, they are missing updates and frequent changes. In other hand, we’ll take Emus4u to the hands. Emus4u developers are quite shy. They’re not taking interest in developing app.

In other hand, Panda Helper is wonderfully developing their app database. Similar to Tutu, PandaHelper app offers vip subscription and that is gonna power up their ability to be in the game. Ultimately with empty hands what will you do.

Finally, you can update Tutu iOS 14 once the update will be available. Right now, Tutuapp iOS 13 is available for download for iPhone. So, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users can download tutu to their latest firmware update from download section.

  1. Head to Tutuapp Download section from this link.
  2. Choose any tutu application that is suitable and compatible to your iPhone firmware.
  3. Once you download configuration file, don’t forget to install it.
  4. After installing, you need to complete one more step and that’s profile trust. Trust developer profile.
  5. That’s it.

Tutu App Updates

We’ll try to push latest updates regarding iOS 14 and Tutuapp developments here.

You can comment and share your thoughts and ideas in the feedback and bug report section below.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:35 pm

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  1. That’s really looking cool update. But, i don’t think that any feature or update is actually building up or under development. Because even ios 14 beta is not on the floor. ios 14 first beta will be out at February 2020. I appreciate willing and wish to update and bring new features to upcoming ios.

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