iPA Library for iOS & Try Paid iPhone Apps For Free


iPhone users can download paid apps completely free with iPA Library app available for iOS without jailbreak. A simple interface will guide you in all condition.

In recent days, iOS is becoming jailbreak free. Users can download and install bunch of jailbreak apps without Cydia or jailbreaking it. Wide range of iOS firmware are supported out of the box. In such apps, third party app stores have played a big role. These type of third party app store works on Enterprise developer certificate issued by Apple for developers.

What it is? How it works?

Like many other third party app stores, today, I’ll show you another good alternative to jailbreak. iPA Library is the latest edition in this category. It works on all latest firmware out of the box and even without jailbreak iOS. Recently, Panda Helper, ftOS, TutuApp and bunch more third party app stores became popular among iOS users.

Before reading further article, you should understand what you will get and how you can achieve it. iPA Library app is like an app, you can say web application. It doesn’t cover a large space on your device. iPALibrary hosts a large number of iOS hacks, tweaks, apps and games available for free without jailbreak iPhone.

These type of apps work on developer certificate developed and provided by Apple itself. However, due to hosting restricted apps and games, Apple regularly and time to time revokes developer certificates. iPA Library uses one of such developer certificate to host other apps on their database for iOS devices such as iPhone.

The key feature of iPA Library is, users are free to download modded apps, tweaked games and other hacks. Now when you download these tweaks, games and apps, you’ll unlock additional features. Or you will be able to use premium features. Spotify++ is the best example for it.

iPA Library Download

Personally, I won’t install such unsafe third party on my iPhone or any Android devices that I’ve. It was my personal preference. This article was written only to inform you about such apps and app stores, that’s it. If you wanna any stable third party app stores, you can choose TutuApp VIP app. The VIP app will cost you around $12 a year and will give you complete peace of mind. The database of Tutu is far larger than iPA Library iOS app store.

iPA Library Download for iOS

However, if you still not convinced with me and wanna Download iPA Library then you can download iPA Store with the help of Google Search. Type the app name and waste your time. Sorry but, I can’t suggest you to download any app or game that personally I can’t trust.

And since, there are many alternatives and better stable app stores available, then why we look to iPA Library or such apps. Again, this is my personal opinion. You may found many different views on iPA Library on each website available on web.


I tried my best to introduced iPA Library as far as I know it. Actually, iPA Store is little out dated app available yet. Far better options and alternatives available at the moment. TweakBox, TutuApp and vShare are better options and alternatives too.

You can use Tutu on any new iOS as soon as they get stable version of that particular iOS firmware. Without jailbreak iOS, you can download any new version available for such app. Tutu has huge database of apps. However, you won’t find the best alternative to Cydia.

Cydia could customize your whole iOS with various Cydia tweaks and iPA Library is not something similar to that even Tutu is also not. All of these app stores and libraries have their own limitation. If you want to know anything related to iPA Library or other third party app stores, you can post your query below.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:36 am

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