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MovieBox is unmatched app for iOS and Android that can be installed on any device including iPhone. Download links are working till the date…

You want movie or music, video or mp3, whatever you want, you can download using Movie Box iOS app. The plus point was Android users could also download this app to get all the latest multimedia contents online without any inconvenience.

Show Box, Play Box and Bobby Movie Box, these are few other names which complete with this app. However, you won’t see such a large list of features in other listed applications and they are hard to install too. So, you should always have options.

MovieBox Download Links

Update: You may have noticed that MovieBox not working since couple of months and you may be worried, right? We’ve an update about it. MovieBox developers have stopped working on it because of hosting and copyright issues. However, you can try below alternatives for Movie Box app like experience.

MovieBox Alternatives

Before dive into the new era, you should think about the future of that app, so we searched a lot and prepared a list of alternative apps for MovieBox. We advice you to look into below list and you may found world’s best app for movie and other online content download.


Hulu is world’s best online content and movie streaming app available out there on the web. You may haven’t dig into Hulu database and once you’ll check the contents, you may not miss Movie Box then. You can enjoy latest movies, web series, TV shows and lot more. It not only work on iOS, Android or Windows, but it can be installed on Chromecast, Android TV and other TV platforms too. Basically, Hulu can be the top MovieBox like app, because it is so light weight on smartphone and offers fresh online contents on the click.

MediaBox HD

MediaBox is sounds like MovieBox, n? Yeah, it is. MediaBox was developed at the time when Movie Box original app was working fine. To give competition, this app was developed and developers had tried to include everything that actually Movie-Box app was offering. Thus, you may try exploring this app too when you’re searching best alternative to your favorite app.


Kodi is well known multimedia and live content streaming app. It closely relate to MovieBox. You can watch various online content such as listen music, watch movie, download your favorite video and much more. Developers keep update their database at regular interval as well as new content available for update. Kodi is available for iPhone, iPad, iMac and even Android devices such as Android smartphones and TV.


Popcornflix is very famous in iPhone users and MovieBox lovers. PopCornTime and PopCornFlix are similar. You can download various movies from different genes as well as watch them offline on your iPhone or Android device. PopcornFlix is free and available on Google Play Store as well as iOS app store for free.


If you’re looking MovieBox type feature rich movie streaming app, them Cinema Box may attract you a lot. Not only name, but features are also similar to Movie Box app. CinemaBox is 100% free and have many cool features as well as offline download too. It has Children Mode that keeps kids away.


After Spotify, iPhone users love PopCornTime a lot. PopCorn Time is clear winner in the list of MovieBox app clone. Many times, PopCornTime updates new movie contents so quickly and sometimes it takes time. However, everything available there are free for Smartphone as well as Android TV users.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:37 am


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  1. Use Tutuapp vip app to download moviebox on iOS 13. The apk available for Android from the same app available for android smartphone too.

  2. Then how to download movie box now?

    1. You can Download MovieBox APK easily from here. You’ll see a detailed article on this there. This movie streaming app can be installed on iOS too. The developers are working on standalone version for Android and iOS. Wait for it.

  3. Spotify, PopCornTime and Bobby Movie are excellent alternative to MovieBox, but if you’re looking something like ShowBox and PlayBox, you can’t think about downloading video from YouTube or using PopCornTime at any way.
    From MovieBox, I could download latest movie for free, but now, I can’t because it is not working any more. Have you any working solution to make it work again?

    1. So exactly what do you want to do? If you wanna download YouTube videos, you don’t need MovieBox at all. Snaptube or Youtube plus is sufficient for your purpose. ShowBox and PlayBox are alternatives to Movie Box. However, these apps are also not working since couple of months. I hope, your doubts will be cleared with my reply.

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