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MovieBox APK is now updated and available for Android. Separate iPhone users can download iOS app for their platform for unlimited movies…

Movie Box is leading content streaming app for iOS, Android and PC. Anyone having one of these platform can play unlimited movies, TV shows and other live content on their devices. Recently, the developers have launched Apple TV and Android TV support to provide unmatched content streaming experience.

Most of the contents that are being served on MovieBox app are free to download and play. Normally, you don’t need to download those HD content on your iOS or Android device storage, but if you want to download movie, you can. Simply, you should have Smartphone running Android, iOS, Mac OS or Android TV to install MoveBox Pro app for free.

Please note that ShowBox, BobbyMovie or similar apps are completely different apps and those apps are not associated with Movie Box app or contents. But yeah, those other apps may provide similar content and services.

Is Pro app Premium or Free?

Many users wanted to know that is MovieBox Pro premium or free?

Look, all the contents and app itself whether it is APK for Android or iPA for iOS are completely free. App doesn’t host any content on their own server and all the rights of the content are deserved by their developers and creators. Movie Box app is just a medium to stream those movies, shows and other contents on your iPhone or other Android devices.

In short, MovieBox Pro is free.

Pro Features

It offers some unmatched features while streaming movies and shows on your smartphone…

    • Unlimited free movies, TV shows, trailers in wide range of language and culture.
    • Everything is 100% free. As MovieBox app acts as a medium between content provider and consumer, it is very fast and everything free.
    • Download whatever you like. Watch it offline or download content available on the app.
    • Users can set Alert of the program so that you won’t miss a single program streaming on Movie Box.
  • It support wide range of platforms such as PC, Android TV, Android Smartphone OS, Apple TV and iOS.

MovieBox APK

Movie Box APK is a file format that you can install on your Android device. It can be downloaded on any Android device. Follow us…

  • Configure your Android OS for installation.
  • Download Pro APK file. You can read detailed steps and configuration Here.
  • Install and run the APK.

Report bug in the comment section.

Movie Box iOS App

Unlike APK file, you have various options and installer to download iOS app on iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can use any of those installer.

  • You can use TutuApp, Emus4u, TweakBox or AppValley for installing Movie Box app easily.
  • Or you can directly download iPA file and install directly.
  • Trust the developer enterprise certificate to ignore errors.

You can comment if you’re getting MovieBox not working error. Refresh app installation if it won’t open or not playing.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:36 am


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  1. Guys, try CotoMovies. If you want true alternative to MovieBox iOS app, you should surely look at least for once to CotoMovies. Coto is also free and offers large number of new and old movies for free. It also offers HD+ movies completely free. Plus cotomovies apk is also available that can be download and installed on Android device. Please search it at least once if you are missing Movie Box app.

    1. Dear Allen, CotoMovies is also shut down. I tried downloading CotoMovies, but it is not available. After couple minutes of searching, I found that CotoMovies not working any more.

      After that I start searching alternative to MovieBox and finally got MediaBoxHD. This is brand new app that is working at least for now. It also have almost similar features like Coto and Movie Box app.

      Till now, it is working and since you know that Apple is constantly searching such developers to revoke their enterprise developer certificate, i don’t know when Apple will revoke it.

  2. I’m big fan of online movies. Just like everybody, I also want free contents. Since last one year, I’ve Android one device. Android one will require MovieBox apk to install on it. I tried the way you mentioned above, however, I couldn’t find the working app on app listed by you. There is MediaBox and similar apps that I don’t want to install. Give me direct download link of Movie Box if possible.

    1. Have you searched with MovieBoxPro name? Please try this too

  3. I somehow managed to download MovieBox Pro. It worked on my iPhone. I was able to watch movies online without any issue. However, free version was not offering HD movies though. At last after upgrading to iOS 13, it completely stopped working. Please help.

  4. Tutu doesn’t show me download link, I searched whole app twice

    1. Bro if you don’t see MovieBox apk on Tutu, you can directly search on Google and download it. iPhone users have multiple choice of installing it using Cydia Impactor with the help of iPA file. And since, both methods are simple and depends on your skill to find out iPA and apk files.

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