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Tutuapp not working

Tutuapp not working? It is normal behaviour and you can fix the issue within a minute without any hard thing to do. This happens mostly with iOS devices. Android won’t face not working issues.

Today, we’ll try our best to deal this issue. We’ve tried guiding all the steps for common error. Follow them. If you’ve any other error, mention it in the comment section.


Untrusted Enterprise Developer

iOS users are frustrated due to “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error. Tutuapp not working if you’ve untrusted enterprise developer certificate. Tutu won’t download apps, won’t install tweaked applications and even it cannot connect to Tutuapp.vip server. So, what basically you should do? Follow below steps…

First Step to fix Tutu not working

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1. You may get this error popup window if you’ve untrusted enterprise developer error. Tap on “Cancel” button given within window and proceed to second step.

Second step fixing app not working issue

2. So, the second step, you must do is find “Settings” app. All the configuration will be done in settings app where you wanna trust enterprise developer certificate to prevent Tutuapp not working dialog box.

Tutu not installing apps

3. There you go! In settings app, you’ll see various options and menus. Tap on “General” section.

Tutuapp cannot connect server

4. In General section, scroll down and you’ll find “Device Management“, tap on it. In some iOS versions, this option may be renamed to “Profile & Device Management“.

Tutu Won't install apps

5. Here is the twist, you must choose the right developer certificate to trust. “Nippon Paint China Holdings Co…” is the correct enterprise developer certificate. Tap on it.

Tutu cannot connect server

6. Now, if you want to remove that Tutu app not working dialog, you want to tap on “Trust China Television Information Techno…” Certificate.

Confirm Untrusted Enterprise Developer

7. iOS system will ask you to confirm “Trust“. Tap on Trust again to confirm the action.

Done. Tutuapp won’t show you not working dialog or not downloading or not installing apps. It won’t show you cannot connect to Tutu server error in the future.

Comment if you're getting not working error

Tutuapp Apk not working

If you’ve Android device and want to get rid of not working issue, explain whole not working issue in the comment section, we’ll try to fix them out.

In most cases, Android Tutu app can be fixed automatically with reinstall steps. So, if you’ll share issue with proper details, it will help us to fix.

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Updated: December 3, 2019 — 4:16 am

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