Top 5 Best Omegle Like Apps: Chat to Strangers


Omegle Stranger Chat App

Omegle app is wonderful and best to use for chatting specially for strangers. Today, we’ll introduce top 5 best apps that function like Omegle…

Social connectivity becomes more priority task in our life specially for young girls and boys or you can say teenagers. Thus, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms like Instagram became too popular.

Whatsapp is one of the best app to chat with your relatives and friends whom you already know and who are already in your contact list. But, if you wanna looking stranger chat, then you should read and learn about Omegle apps. These are the apps that similarly work like Omegle.

From our last article on Stranger Chat apps, you’ve requested to come up Omegle like apps and thus, this article is dedicated to your request. We decided to build up strong list of chat apps that look like Omegle and function like that. Using these top 5 best chat apps, you can enjoy text chat, audio chat, video chat and dating too. So, this will gonna lots of fun.

Chat App for Dating & Chatting

Top Chat Apps like Omegle

Below are different chat apps listed that offers similar options because all the apps are chat apps. So, it depends on users how they want to use these apps. Take a look at each of them below…


AnonyChat is the best ever Omegle chat app. Truly and purly chat with strangers. You can guess the strong feature of the app from it’s name itself. AnonyChat represent chat app for strangers where you can chat anonymously with strangers. AnonyChat users can send photos, videos and stickers to other random and anonymous strangers.

It is compatible for all Android devices and developers have not release iOS app till yet. We’ll surely update the post if we found AnonyChat for iPhone. From below link, you can download AnonyChat APK from Android play store for free.

Download AnonyChat APK

Fav Talk

There is no shortage of Omegle like apps. FavTalk is another great name in this list that function like Omegle chat app. FavTalk offers you a chance to chat with random strangers. It will not worth if you will chat with someone whom you don’t like or he or she is not your type.

We mean that FavTalk cuts out those useless strangers and users who are not your type. You can use FavTalk search option where you can fill the details about the stranger you wanna chat with. You can show your identity by uploading your profile photo, details about your interest and other details. Fortunately, FavTalk is available on Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

 Download From PlayStore Download From iTunes


Wakie can be a great source for your smartphone to connect other users over voice and video call like wakie-talkie. Fortunately, Wakie app is available for iOS, Android and Windows platform. Download this app, install it on your smartphone and start making new friends. This way, one can found a right friends easy way.

 Download From PlayStore |  Download From iTunes


BrainSoft is the developer behind Stranger Chat app. If you wanna use true Omegle like apps, you can choose this chat app for sure. It works great for dating too. BrainSoft created a solid search algorithm that searches users registered on their app based on your own filters.

One can search number of girl friends and boy friends within minutes. Stranger chat app built by Bransoft is famous in all over the world. This iOS and Android app is 100% free. Yeah, it has some in app purchases available that power up your searches and gives you extra features to impress your girl friend or boy friends.

 Download From PlayStore  Download From iTunes


Even if you get 50 top apps that relates to Stranger chat apps like Omegle, but you will be confused and you won’t be able to take any action. So, simply use one by one these top apps and choose the best one according to your need. 

Let us know your choice in the comment section…

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Updated: December 21, 2019 — 2:36 am

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