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Panda Helper Android APK, iOS iPA

Panda Helper is compatible for Android as well as iOS. The premium service has more quality and robust. APK and iPA are two app formats that can be installed on iPhone and other Android devices.

What is PandaHelp?

What is Panda Helper?

Apple app store has many restrictions and thus many wonderful apps can’t get approval to be feature on their database. Some iPhone users want to use their device without any restriction.

The same thing happens for Android devices. Smartphone that run on Android can’t download third party apps directly from Google Play Store. Panda Helper APK and iPA apps are good option for them to have third party apps using this third party app store.

One of the best and the great thing with this app store is, users don’t need to jailbreak or any type of root Android device to download apps from PandaHelper.

This is how, it can be download and install on any new iOS or Android versions. As soon as firmware gets release from Apple or Google, Panda developers release their compatible app as APK and iPA for different firmware and operating system.

Panda Helper comes in two forms. One is free edition whereas another is VIP app that costs around $12.99 for a year. In this small cost, Panda developers offer VIP services and premium app collection. These versions are compatible for Android as well as iOS too. So no need to be worry, if you’ve iPhone. Plus, if you’ve iPhone and wanna download or install modded apps, you don’t need to fill or use your Apple ID before installation.

Panda Speeder

Before starting installation part, I will introduce Panda Speeder too. It adds more fun in your gaming experience. This exclusive addon and app comes with Panda Helper VIP subscription. All apps are free and available within free version, so it depends on you whether you wanna download Panda Speeder also or not.

Panda Helper iOS

Panda Helper iOS App for iPhone

As I told you above, download and installation or even other app installations are also don’t require jailbreak. Even iPhone users can install apps third party app store and apps from it without using their Apple ID. This is looking wired, but its extremely easy.

Panda Helper

1. First you want to open Panda Helper official website that provides iOS compatible app. Link is given already.

Panda Helper APK

2. On official website, there are two versions available. Guys, both versions have similar apps and games. So, don’t go to Panda Helper VIP edition and waste your money. Yeah, if you like the free version and wanna unlock VIP features, then only purchase paid services. Toggle to “Regular” version.

3. Scroll down and tap on “Download Free Version” blue button.

PandaHelper4. Follow on screen instructions and complete the installation.


Instruction: When you launch Panda Helper for the first time, you may get “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error. Actually, this is not error. But, you must trust the developer certificate before using it. So, tap on “Cancel” on that pop up and follow below steps.

  1. Open Settings application.
  2. Go and tap on General.
  3. You will see “Device Management”, tap on it.
  4. On this section, you want to scroll to Enterprise Developer Certificate.
  5. Tap on the certificate and tap on “Trust”.


Panda Android Apps

Panda Helper Apps

Once you’ll follow above steps, you may easily download Panda Helper iOS application on your iPhone. Now, you wanna know supported apps. Below apps and games are supported.

  1. Spotify++
  2. SnapChat++
  3. YouTube++
  4. MovieBox++
  5. Whatsapp Watusi++
  6. Instagram++
  7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  8. Angry Birds 2
  9. Minecraft

These were few of top apps listed on Panda Helper app regular edition. Free VIP app offers lot more games, apps and features such as Speeder and Cheat Engine.


Panda Helper Alternatives

TutuApp, Emus4u, TweakBox, AppValley, AppCake and vShare are few those alternatives that you can consider as PandaHelper iOS store.

Do you know any other alternative or better third party app store for iPhone or Android platform? If you know any thing about other alternatives, share it in the comment box. Plus, tell us what do you like in Panda app store and what you don’t like in it. Also ask for any help if it is not working.

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Updated: December 2, 2019 — 7:15 am


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  1. I visited and it looks quite similar to Both the apps offer premium vip app. While in both websites, regular apps are free. You can download their regular apps for free forever.

  2. Do you know what happens? Free version of Panda Helper doesn’t working well. All the apps downloaded from this app store get revoked by Apple. Developers have responded on YouTube that they are working on free version for this revoke issue. Minwhile, they suggested all users to download vip app from their website.

    I also have suggestion for them that they should offer vip free app instead of charging anything. I’ve doubt that developers are playing with us and to force us upgrading to VIP, they’ve uploaded revoked apps.

    Please stop doing so, this is wonderful app. should fix the issues related to apps uploaded on their server.

    that’s it.

  3. panda helper is not working. I’ve iOS 12.4.0. I installed somehow on my iPhone, but after installing, I barely installed one app from it. After a day, it stopped working. Now, it is forcing me upgrade to vip edition which is paid one. I don’t want to download Panda helper vip app. Please guide me to fix it or I will remove it.

  4. Appcake is dead now. is new and working good because they are adding new contents everyday. The new apps and games get listed as soon as PandaHelp website get the update. Plus, Tutuapp is also top notch app because it is paid.

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