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Reverse Phone Lookup number app

If you become worried when you get missed call specially from unknown number, then you should look at the best phone number lookup applications for your smartphone.

Look, it is completely normal to be questioned when someone called you with unknown number in some conditions. Personally, I get worried so many times in various situations when someone called me with unknown number. Mostly, I didn’t pick up. If I got that call and if it is advertisement, I instantly block them in blacklist.

Fortunately, there are bunch of good apps for iOS as well as Android smartphone for reverse phone lookup. You can choose any one and be tension free all the time. These reverse phone number lookup apps have their own set of storage that contains huge database of phone numbers. That database contains millions or even more phone numbers and they keep adding new numbers from the phone network operators.

Reverse phone number lookup service is nothing but it search unknown phone numbers from their database and become with detailed info in real time while you get that unknown call.

Best Phone Apps for Reverse Number lookup

Today, we decided to publish a set of apps that will help you find the details of unknown phone number in real time.

TrueCaller – Caller ID & Block

You may don’t have noticed that some Android devices comes with TrueCaller pre installed on new smartphone. Millions users whole wide usage True caller for reverse phone number lookup. This is one of the best and ultimate caller id app for Android and iOS smartphones. Very clean and minimalist user interface make True caller a true default caller id lookup app for smartphone. Before you pick up any unknown number, users get to know the identity of that unknown number from TrueCaller phone number database.

TrueCaller: Reverse Phone Lookup app

Users get option to choose TrueCaller as default phone app, so that you can instantly get all the information of unknown number instantly. The best part is TrueCaller shows caller photo id if user has uploaded his caller photo as Caller ID.

Whether your smartphone has call blocker or not, TrueCaller offers powerful blacklist feature. You can block any unknown number, advertisement calls or spamming messages in real time. With this reverse phone lookup app, you can address any phone number you want.

Do you know how TrueCaller works? Whenever, you opted it to use, you must verify your identity by SMS or phone call. At that time, you must fill couple of things, it is like completing your profile at TrueCaller. Once you verify your identity, it starts working. This is how, True Caller gets your identity. Now when you call someone who doesn’t have added you in his contact, TrueCaller will show your identity automatically. Thus, most of the time these identity will be true.

Download TrueCaller iOS App | Download TrueCaller APK for Android


I won’t show you useless apps when you’re serious about your privacy. CallApp is really a wonderful app and strong competitor to TrueCaller app. CallApp database is capable to detect international phone numbers too. Millions out of millions phone numbers are already stored in CallApp database.

CallApp: Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup App

However, phone number details may not be so accurate compare to TrueCaller. The reason is, CallApp mostly gets reverse phone number details from social media profiles. To make a large database, CallApp constantly getting caller details through different platforms. Unlike TrueCaller, CallApp details may be wrong or miss leading.

If you don’t like TrueCaller or any other reverse phone number lookup iPhone or Android app, you can go with CallApp for sure. It offers strong and accurate phone number blocking and SMS spam blocker functionality.

Download APK for Android

CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block

This is true iPhone reverse number lookup app. It can be installed directly from Apple app store. It offers multiple functionality. Now, iPhone users won’t miss guide or face phone spamming from unknown phone numbers specially those spamming advertisements and promotional calls.

CallerSmart: Best Reverse Phone Lookup App

With CallerSmart app, you can effectively avoid any phone number or text messages. CallerSmart is powerful yet free iPhone phone number lookup app with call blocking and text spamming blocking app.

The good part about Caller Smart is, it offers other user’s feedback about particular spamming phone numbers. So, if you’re getting constant spamming calls or unknown phone calls, you can instantly get the complete reverse phone number call details with user feedback about that phone number.

Download CallerSmart iOS App for iPhone


I personally using TrueCaller on my iPhone 11 and on Android powered Google Pixel smartphone. It works good on both of my smartphone. No need to subscribe any premium service offered by these reverse phone number lookup services. You can go with any of these apps. All work great.

If you’re using any other phone number lookup app on iOS or Android, please mention them in the comment section. Also tell me, why you want to use phone number lookup app?

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:34 am

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