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PokeGo++ aka Pokemon Go Anywhere is one more but wonderful app for Pokemon lovers. It is compatible for iOS and it works smoothly on every firmware update without jailbreak.

Thousands of game lovers love playing games but with their comfort zone. If you play Pokemon Go, then you may be aware of location customisation limitation. You can’t choose your own preferred location from your own.

Many out of them try PokeGo cheats, third party apps such as FlyGPS APK powered by Android whereas iPhone users use LocationFaker and many other hacks available for Pokemon Go GPS simulation.

What is Pokemon Go++?

Pokemon Go is popular game around the world. All age users play this game without any age limit. However, it is not suitable for the age group younger than 18 years.

This game can be played on wide range of platform such as iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Android and Windows. Every popular game may have some limitation and Pokemon Go also has some limitations and restrictions.

Pokemon Go++

However, game lovers are known to play games without any restrictions or boundaries. PokeGo++ is such game hack for Pokemon Go available on multiple operating systems. In the jailbreak age, there was quite easy to download and run such Pokemon hack on iOS devices. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can easily jailbreak and download PokeGo Plus hack tweak on their devices. Since the jailbreak era has been ended, users without jailbreak devices are facing difficulties installing this plus plus game tweak.

PokeGo++ is also known as Pokemon Go Anywhere. Names are different, but they both provides the same functionality. The primary motto of PokeGo Plus is to provided unrestricted location feature. You can choose any location to play Pokemon Go. Simple take it anywhere you want after installing this hack.

Features of Pokemon Go++


If you’re such user who want to get some extra features on Pokemon Go game, then you should further read about full feature list and the way to download it on your iPhone.

PokeGo | PokemonGoAnywhere | Pokemon Go++

  • Fake GPS Destination: PokeGo++ users get the ability to configure and preset their own custom location. Users can save any location for custom time period or forever.
  • Multiple Navigation Keys: PokeGo users can use multiple navigation keys such as joystick or just tap to move around the world from one location to another.
  • Faster Moving Speed: If you were bored with slower moving speed, then you’ll feel difference after installing Pokemon Go hack. It increases moving speed up to 8x.
  • Find other Pokemons: In a map, you can easily find other pokemons.
  • Plus, a lot more pro features will be automatically added to the game after successfully installation on your iOS.

Background of the game

A couple of years ago, Will Cobb codded PokeGo game addon for Pokemon Go. Later on, PubG was introduced and major popularity shifted from Pokemon Go to PubG hacks. Thus, Will Cobb also lost this interest in this game addon. Finally, He published PokeGo++ as open source on GitHub with the name of PokemonGoAnywhere. Couple of months later after publishing it open source, PokeGo 2.0 is finally available by other developers.

app not working


We don’t have any past experience in account banning, however received many stories and feedback about account banned due to PokeGo++ usage.

Actually, Poke Go alter GPS location and offers you some extra features. This way, it violates Pokemon Go terms and conditions. By using such addon or apps, user may get their account permanently banned from stock game account.

Download app

PokeGo Download

Pokemon Go addon is available for iOS without jailbreak and for jailbroken devices too. Jailbroken iPhone can easily download Pokemon Go addon after installing Cydia. However, it is now nearly impossible to jailbreak iOS 13 or any future version.

If you want to download Pokemon Go++ tweak without jailbreak, follow below steps…

  • First Download Panda Helper.
  • After successfully installation of Panda Helper, tap on search icon and type PokeGo++ 2.0
  • From the result, choose Pokemon Go++ | PokemonGoAnywhere or PokeGo++ tweak.
  • Tap on installation and completely installation.

If anything goes wrong or PokeGo not working, you may need to trust Enterprise Developer certificate. Even if completing these steps, you can’t download the tweak, you can leave comment below, so that we may look into it if we can.

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Updated: December 2, 2019 — 12:36 pm

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  1. More informative steps..

    1. You need PokeGo++ 2.0 along with Cydia Impactor. Please note that this steps are for non-jailbreak iPhone. Download both apps and proceed to 2nd step.

    2. Before installing Pokego 2.0, you must remove original Pokemon Go app from your iPhone.

    3. As you already downloaded Cydia impactor on your PC, connect iPhone or iPad on which you want to install Poke Go++. Note that iTunes application is must on your PC before following these steps. And make sure that your iPhone must trust your PC on which you are gonna perform these steps. So, you can connect to iTunes and trust the computer first.

    4. Now, launch Cydia impactor and choose iPhone that is paired with iTunes and your PC. When you tap on drop down list, that iPhone will be appear. Choose it.

    5. Now tap on PokeGo tweaked iPA file and drag it to Cydia Impactor. Instantly, Cydia Impactor will ask you Apple ID and account credentials like ID and password. Once you’ll confirm with the details, it will sign Pokego iPA.

    6. After successful signing Poke go plus tweak, it may appear on your iPhone.

    7. Before first time launch of Pokego, you must head to Enterprise developer certificate located on Settings app and trust IDs associated with PokeGo.

    8. Once you trust Enterprise developer certificate, you’re ready to play Poke Go++.

    Note: This app certificate may revoked automatically at every 3 or 5 days. So, you must trust the developer certificate again and again every 3 to 5 days.

    I hope above steps will help you download pokego and install it on your iPhone or any iOS 13 without jailbreak.

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