How to Enable Pokemon Go Joystick & Location Spoofing for iOS & Android



Pokemon Go joystick is popular and most useful feature of this game whether we play this game on iOS or Android…

PokeGo++ easily enables joystick feature along with location spoofing on iOS 13 without jailbreak. We have published detailed article on Pokemon Go location spoofing and joystick on our blog.

Pokemon Go mainly played based on your location. It takes help of GPS services from your smartphone and serve the purpose. And from here, location spoofing and joystick come useful. There are couple of games and tweaks on third party app stores for iOS and Android that bring these useful features on your smartphone.

To go anywhere on Pokemon Go may, you must travel to that location by your own, however if you download and install PokeGo++ or any other game tweak, then you actually choose location to start game without travel to that location from your GPS position.

As we told couple of times that Pokemon Go tweaks are available in form of APK as well as iPA file formats, they can be installed separately on iOS and Android with to use Pokemon Go joystick and location features. PokeGo Plus is one of those tweaks available for iOS 13. Actually, it works without jailbreak so, it can be download and install on any iOS firmware you want.

Pokemon Joystick

However, there is a limitation of download process. Unlike other AppStore apps, you can’t download PokeGo to use location spoofing and joystick features. You have to depend on some third party app stores such as AppValley, TweakBox and Emus4u. There are a lot more third party app stores available for iOS and Android that can be used to download this tweak, we’ll discus them later.

How to Use Pokemon Go Location Spoofing and Joystick

Here, we’re going to talk about Tutuapp, which is actually third party app store for iOS as well as for Android devices. Tutu can be download and install without jailbreak or root. At the same time, it can install many modded apps and some Cydia tweaks without jailbreak. Tutu VIP has large app collection, however, regular edition is free and have a wide range of apps and tweaks as well.

Follow below steps to download PokeGo Plus tweak to enable Pokemon go joystick and other hidden features…

Pokemon Go Joystick

Pokemon Go Teleport and Joystick

  • Download Tutu App store.
  • Once you installed above downloaded app, head to app collection or directly use search feature to find out PokeGO on the tweak database.
  • Tap on the app from the list and install it.
  • Trust the developer certificate located on your Settings app.
  • Enable Pokemon Go location spoofing, joystick and other needful features.

If you face any kind of error or issue during installation or download process, comment below and we may try to help you out.

Pokemon Go Joystick for Android

Android users have better luck comparing to iOS users. There are couple of apps available on Google play store itself that allows usage of joystick while playing this popular game.

You need to follow some steps to enable joystick on your phone…

  • Activate WiFi or data network and access Google play store on your Android smartphone.
  • Search “GPS JoyStick”. This is popular Pokemon Go Joystick app that adds couple of most useful missing features.
  • Download and install “GPS Joystick” app.

Note: If you’ve used PokeGo++ or any other location spoofing tweak ever before, then you may aware of developer options. If you’re not aware of such options, then you have to become developer first.

Enable developer settings from your settings app. Once you enabled developer options, head to settings of developers and enable “GPS Joystick” app with unlocking option.

Now, it’s your turn

Enable Pokemon Go joystick and play the game, if you face any difficulties enabling any feature out there on this game, comment below and we’ll try to help you.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:37 pm

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