Pokemon Go Plus for iOS and Android Smartphones


Pokemon Go++ is the plus edition of the popular game that adds numerous feature to the stock game app which is compatible for Android and iOS…

Pokemon Go is the game that got popularity in the world recently. The user base is not only kids, but also teenagers and elders. If you also play this game, you may already know that it misses some of the core features that it should have. Fortunately, Pokemon Go++ brings those extra “Plus Plus” features for you for free on iOS without jailbreak and on Android without any root.

You may be wonder that how can we do that! Some months ago, jailbroken devices were necessary to download and then install on your iPhone or iPad, yeah. Now, the developers have took a great step and prepared most of such plus tweaks or modded games and apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices without the need of jailbreak or root.

Here, TweakBox, Emus4u and vShare come handy. These apps are called third party app store. This way, you don’t need Pokemon Go hack or anything like that. Instead of Pokemon Go hacks, you’re adding some addons to the stock app. However for safety purpose, one thing you can do. You can use this plus version with the secondary account. You already know what I mean with this.

Pokemon Go++ Download

First thing to know for you is, this plus edition won’t be available on either Apple app store or Google play store. Thus, it is not so easy to get it on your iPhone or Android device. You can try following below method.

Pokemon Go++

  1. Don’t skip this step and Download TutuApp. This app is third party app store that works for both Android as well as iOS. And this way, you can download Pokemon Go Plus on iOS or Android, if you’ve any device relate to that.
  2. After getting installed above app on your iPhone, you want to launch Tutu icon.
  3. You may notice search icon tap on it and type Pokemon Go++ in it. Press enter or tap on search icon or tap on “Go” button on your keypad.
  4. From search results, you want to choose Poke Go++, Pokemon Go++ or any tweak named with Plus Plus version.
  5. Tap on “Install” button located on app page.
  6. Follow on screen instructions and finish installation.


Instruction: Before taking the first step to download or installing PokemonGo++, make sure and delete stock app from your smartphone.

Key Features

Why you want to install Pokemon Go Plus tweak? There are some extra features that make you pro. Take a look on those features.

  • Walk to Home: You’ll get the quick way to back to the home. Home is the current location from where you’re starting the game.
  • Speed Control: You can adjust your Avatar’s movement speed.
  • Pin Location: Pin any location you want in the world and head to it easily.
  • Joystick: Use joystick to move avatar into that direction.

Pokemon Go++ Issues

  1. Pokemon Go not working: There may be some particular issues that’s why Pokemon not working on your some devices. It won’t work like normal app store application. Developers have to keep it updated with the fresh Enterprise developer certificate that give it power to run without jailbreak. In any case, if Pokemon Go not working, you can uninstall old version and update it to new one following above steps or comment below.
  2. Pokemon Go account deactivated: There’s nothing wrong to use PokeGo++, however sometimes, your account may get suspended or deactivated for using such modded applications and thus we suggest to use your secondary account to play such modded game. This is not official or not supported by official developers so there may be risk of using it.


The best way to keep you safe, if you’re getting any issue, just comment below. Share your experience how and where you’re getting issue and what type of it. If Pokemon Go++ not working, you can capture screenshot of the error and post below. Fixing that issue may save you from getting banned from Pokemon Go account.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:36 am


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  1. What is difference in iSpoofer and fake location listed in the setting of this app? I’m little confuse about the functionality.

  2. How to teleport on pokego++?

  3. Please teach me how to teleport from one location to another one within 20 mins. If anybody knows it, help me.

  4. I got banned twice after using iOSEmus PokeGo++! Can anybody help me to fix or prevent this banned. At last, I was banned for 30 days. I don’t want to banned again.

  5. I can see save feature for location. But, i don’t now how to save our own favorite location on Pokemon go? help please

  6. How to be donor
    I’m seeing donor version. Please help

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