SnapChat Dark Mode: Enable Full Night Theme


SnapChat Dark Mode

Snapchat dark mode is becoming very cool feature these days to save battery. At the same time, users can enjoy eye cooling interface on iOS as well as Android smartphone.

Today, we’ll see how you can enable dark mode on SnapChat on Android and iOS. We’ll try to show you a very simple and quick way to enable night mode.

These days, many social media apps have released or working on dark mode on their applications both for Android and iOS. SnapChat is one of them.

Why we needed to publish article on SnapChat night mode? Actually, as we mentioned in the above paragraph that social media apps have started developing dark mode for their apps. Same way, Snap Chat app is also one of them that is developing dark theme for it’s app.

Twitter, WhatsAPP, YouTube and Instagram were few of first apps that have released dark mode in either beta or public stable version of their apps. In near future, Snap Chat developers will also introduce dark mode in the stable version.

Dark Mode Saves Battery, Effective for Eyes

Actually these days, we smartphone users use our smartphone at night more comparing to day. Most of us get free at night and night usage has been increased significantly.

A large number of studies have proved that dark mode effectively decrease strain on eyes comparing to normal mode. At the same time, the studies has also proved that it saves battery a lot comparing to normal high brightness mode.

Night Theme is under development

SnapChat hasn’t Dark Theme yet!

This is really sad that the giant social media app hasn’t dark mode yet. Indeed, they’re developing one with their beta version, but how must time it will take to come out, no one knows.

So, what is the alternative or substitute for dark mode or night theme for Snap Chat app?

Well, iOS and Android both has some opportunity to enable dark mode, however, it is little tricky.

On iOS, you must download and install jailbreak SnapChat Plus tweak. Remember, here we’re talking about jailbreak iOS. Yeah, it means until SnapChat releases dark mode officially, you must have jailbroken iPhone or iPad to enable dark mode on Snap Chat.

On other hand, Android has an official tweak on Google Play store that can be used to turn SnapChat dark mode. To do so, you have to search the night mode app on Google play store and install it.

What is?

What Should You Do Now?

Well, we would say you should wait couple of weeks. We’re sure that the official dark mode from SnapChat will come out from beta stage.

Meanwhile, many smartphone brands that run on Android are working on full night theme on their smartphone. If your smartphone has it, enable it while using Snap Chat app.

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Updated: April 24, 2020 — 4:07 pm

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