Secretly Save: SnapChat Saver Apps for iOS & Android in 2019


Top 7 hand picked SnapChat saver applications have been selected and installed on iPhone. All the apps are compatible for iOS and Android…

SnapChat is one of the best social media application in recent time. Nobody would denied for this. In current age, every elder and younger users use this social media app for sharing their memories to their relatives, friends, fans and to the world they know.

We can save SnapChat for various purpose, those snaps can be your or some one else. However, when you take a screenshot of a snap from other user or friend, then SnapChat will instantly send a notification to that person that you’ve took a snap of his snap. Now, if it’s okay for you and you don’t mind about that notification, then it’s okay otherwise, you can use SnapChat Save on your iPhone or any Android device to save SnapChat snaps without letting know to that other person.

I wanted to share a memory from my past where I want to collect couple of best snaps from my girlfriend’s snapchat profile and gift her photo book at her birthday. Now, what happened that when I took screenshot of those snaps, instantly system of this social media app has sent all the notifications to my girlfriend and she got the idea about whole surprise and gift. This is how, SnapChat has spoiled my surprise gift.

Then the next time, I used a SnapChat Saver to capture those snaps and surprised my girlfriend, huh. You can too prevent that silly mistake by using snaps saver apps. Below is the list of such snaps saver apps that I used for making a photo book for surprise gift. Take a look.


I personally like clean and feature rich app, so first I tried SnapKeep that meets my requirements. It was simple, but quite feature rich so that I enjoyed it. It is compatible for Android as well as iOS. So, you can download SnapKeep for iPhone or any Android device, it will work smoothly. Plus, you’ll get exact same SnapChat interface which gonna convenience for you to use. You can save SnapChat videos or pictures without letting know to anyone from where you’re getting those snaps.


  1. 100% Free.
  2. Very easy in use.
  3. Compatible for Android and iOS.


  1. SnapKeep is not affiliated with SnapChat at any way.
  2. Your account may deactivated for using SnapKeep in some cases.


SnapSave is used by thousands of iOS and Android users in the world as SnapChat Saver. It allows users to save snaps in few taps. Other users won’t get any notification or any idea that you’re saving snaps or planning some surprise from her or his snaps. The good part is, Snap Save app is also compatible for iOS and Android devices. I was using iPhone X, and the same time I was using another smartphone that was powered by Android platform. On both of these OS platform, SnapSave was working superb without any issue. You can consider it as best SnapChat Saver app available on the web. It has some pros and cons that we’ll look below.


  1. Serve the purpose.
  2. Easy in use.
  3. Compatible for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all Android smartphones.


  1. SnapSave app is not available on either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. It’s paid app.
  3. It costs around $5.

iOS Screen Recorder

On my iPhone X, I had tried iOS Screen Recorder that is also a SnapChat Saver in functionality. At the time of trial, I was on iOS 12.1.2 and it was working smoothly. You can also download iOS Screen Recorder without jailbreak and save snaps easily. If you’ll use iOS Screen Recorder to save snaps, SnapChat app won’t notify user about your activity and you’d easily save videos and pictures.

iOS Screen Recorder is basically a screen recording app that can record entire screen activity from your iPhone. You can mirror iPhone on your computer too using the app. If you’re playing game and wanna record the game stages to share, you can easily save those screen recordings too.


If you wanna save SnapChat stories and snaps, Casper is the best Android app available on the date. It looks like clone of Snap Chat app interface. Casper can be installed on any Android device that comes with plethora of features. You can apply stickers as well as filters and then forward those snaps anywhere you want. At precent, Casper can’t be installed on iPhone.


  1. Freeware.
  2. All Android devices supported.
  3. Features like stickers, snap forward facility and various filters.


  1. iOS is not compatible to install Casper app.
  2. Casper can block SnapChat account some way.


SnapBox is the perfect app if you’ve both Android and iOS device and in both you wanna save snaps. Users can save SnapChat pics and videos in couple of taps. However, if you wanna use SnapBox, you should log out from Snap Chat account for safe side. It comes with many useful features. Users can download saved snaps to phone’s storage.


  1. SnapBox is compatible for iPhone without jailbreak iOS.
  2. Most of all latest Android devices are supported.
  3. Free app.


  1. SnapChat account can be blocked or deleted in some cases for using SnapBox.
  2. You must keep updated this app for make work.

My Choice

I installed and observed all of above listed apps on my iPhone as well as on compatible Android device and I never got my account blocked. However, please note that I uninstalled them after checking functionality and features.

Currently, I haven’t any of above apps installed on my iPhone or Android smartphone. But, whenever, I want to need for SnapChat Saver, I look the updated app version and if it satisfy me, I installed them for limited time. After using them, I prefer to uninstall them.

By the way, what do you do to save snapchat pictures and videos? Have you experienced such situations in your life? Please share your stories with us.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:55 am

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