Spotify++ for iOS: How to Download Spotify App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Spotify++ app is very famous iOS app that can be installed on iPhone, iPad for free. It works without jailbreak iOS device. It offers many cool features as well…

There are various options available of music service provider for iPhone like Spotify, Apple Music and many more. However, my personal choice is Spotify. So, today I decided to share my music app for you.

Before you think and jump into this music app era, I’d mention one thing here. Spotify comes with two options. Here you know what will be the first option which is “Free app“, whereas another option available as “Premium app“.

Spotify Free app for iPhone: Just like other free apps, Spotify free app has some limitations such as some Ads will be played during songs randomly. This is not a single limitation, but you can’t play songs offline in the free version. Plus, you can’t choose any particular song to play or you can’t download your favorite song.

Premium app for iOS: If you’ve some bucks to spend on your favorite music app, then you can avoid free and and go for premium app that is actually paid version of this app. Once you purchase paid version of Spotify, you won’t see a single advertisement or other limitations listed in the free app.

How to Install Spotify Premium free on iPhone

As most devices are unjailbroken, I won’t talk about Spotify Cydia options which are available for jailbreak devices. Yeah, there are sort of things available for the iPhone as well as iPad and that’s completely free from jailbreak.

Here I’d like to introduce Spotify++ tweak that offers premium features completely free. You may be surprised to hear about Spotify Plus Plus, right? I know that, but don’t worry, this Plus version doesn’t require iPhone to jailbreak in order to install it.

Actually, it’s a third party app which you can’t find on Apple app store, but you need to get Spotify++ for iPhone from third party app store such as Tutuapp, vShare, AppValley and Cydia impactor, again, I’d say, this all methods can be used without jailbreak iPhone.

Install Spotify with Tutuapp

This is the most easy form of installing Premium Spotify app for iOS whether you’ve iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So, basically, I’d also suggest you first to try Tutu app to install your favorite music provider app.

To make it clear, I’d add one more thing here that to get Tutuapp for installing music app, you don’t required to jailbreak, huh.

    1. If you wanna install it on iPhone, then turn on WiFi or data connection and open Safari web browser on it. You want to access Tutuapp website.
    2. Let the page load completely. Once it loaded completely, you’d see “Install Now” button, tap on it. Follow the steps and do as website asks.
    3. Once Tutuapp installation will be over, you’d notice a new app icon of Tutuapp on your home screen. But, wait before opening it.
    4. You want to trust the app before open it. So, to trust the app, access Settings, then General, Device management, and then you’d see Enterprise Application menu. Here you must trust the Tutuapp certificate.
    5. At the end, open Tutuapp from homepage and scroll down the home page. You’d notice Spotify++ app on the home page, if it’s available there, tap on it and install it. Or, use Search field and type Spotify. when your search will be end, you’d see Spotify app available there, download and install it.

Congrats because after following above 5 steps, you’d get Spotify for iOS. this app will have all the premium features, options and contents.

Get Spotify++ from AppValley without jailbreak

AppValley is one another app that works without jailbreak iOS device and still user can download his favorite tweak and app on iPhone and iPad. Spotify++ is also available for download as well as successful installation for iOS platform.

To download Spotify iPhone app from AppValley as premium version, you need to follow some simple steps similarly you’ve seen above.

    1. Just like Tutu app, here you want to open AppValley home page on your Safari web browser. Just wait for full page loading. Once it’s done, tap on “Install” button.
    2. Website would download AppValley and install right on your iPhone. You’d notice it’s app icon on your iOS home screen. But, before opening it, you must sign it’s certificate.
  1. Open Settings, once again you will go to General section, then Device Management, there you’d find it’s certificate, trust it.
  2. Now, after completing above steps, you can open AppValley app. On home screen of this app, you’d see Spotify++ for iPhone along with ‘Get‘ button. This Get button is nothing but it allows user to download and install Spotify and other such apps and tweaks to iPhone or any other iOS device on which you’re trying. So, tap on that ‘Get Spotify++‘ button and download and install it.

Note: Many readers will argue that we can use Cydia Impactor to get Spotify Plus app on iPhone and this is also without jailbreak iOS device. Yeah, I agreed that, but it would require some advance steps to take. Plus, you must have Spotify++ iPA file and ability to sign them. Plus, you’d need computer to run Cydia impactor to install Spotify app on iPhone. Thus to consider these things, I haven’t explained that method. I’d suggest to avoid that method.

Spotify not working/ Spotify++ not opening/ Unable to download App

Before publishing this article, i’ve tried certain times to download Spotify++ on my iPhone and install it, but I also got many errors. In many cases, this app not working, in many cases, it was not opening after successful installation and other things, in some cases, I couldn’t even get AppValley and Tutuapp to download Spotify.

I keep tried to find out the best way so that I can explain everything based on my own experience. I also noticed that Spotify++ certificate get revoked after couple of days. It was working just fine for some days and suddenly, it stopped working. Suddenly, one day, i got ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer Certificate’.

I just want to add one thing here at last that if you also get such error, then just repeat one of above process once again. Download Tutuapp or AppValley app and get Spotify++ premium app free on iPhone.

Still Spotify Premium free app not working?

I can understand that even after following all the steps which I’ve mentioned above, you’re not able to get Spotify iPhone app on your iOS device. To get to know what’s happening on your device, I must know about exact situation.

Please comment below so that I can try to figure out the solution for you.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:54 am


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  1. Spotify++ ioshaven?

    1. Spotify++ iOSHaven

      We’ve covered detailed steps to download Spotify Plus iOS Haven app. Please look it.

      Hopping that you got it

  2. I tried Tutuapp, spotify++ crashing. How to fix error? A pop up occurs with enterprise developer!! Is it virus?

    1. Hey hank, that pop up is not a virus. Actually, system is warning you and ask you to trust the developer certificate. You can simply follow below steps.

      1. Just open setting app gently.
      2. Head to General menu of settings app.
      3. Scroll down to Profiles if you’ve older device.
      4. Now, there you’ll see untrusted developer certificate. Just trust them to use Spotify++.

      Done. Isn’t it simple?

  3. Thanks to the developers that they are creating such applications that work without jailbreak. Before couple of months, we can’t expect any liberty without Cydia installer. Now, there are some apps are being available because of Tutuapp, appeven and pandahelper. But, I’m afraid that one day all of these apps will stop working like 25pp, Kuaiyong and vshare. Till then, enjoy spotify plus on your iPhone.

  4. Bro you did a great job posting this article about Spotify Plus. I was searching a lot on web for the details that you’ve mentioned here. I was missing something that was helpful during installation process and you have provided such details. I’ve a request to post how to bypass Spotify premium subscription popup. I’m using Spotify Premium free using this plus plus app, but it keeps asking me for the subscription, what to do?

  5. Thank you a lot. I tried Tutuapp method to get Spotify++ iOS 12.1.2 and it worked like charm on iPhone XR. Kudos

    1. Hey, that’s great
      It works on iOS 12.1.2, it means It may work on my iOS phone too. Can you give me another detail? will it work on unjailbreak device, because I don’t have installed Cydia on my iPhone running that old iOS 12.1.2. Please reply if possible

      1. Spotify Plus will work smoothly on any iOS up to iOS 12.4.0. If it is not working, you can jailbreak iOS 12.4.0 using available jailbreak too for free. Plus, you’ve option to install AppEven, Panda Helper if Tutu not working.

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