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Tutuapp Spotify++ aka Spotify Plus aka premium addon (free) can be downloaded with TutuApp for iOS. iPhone and iPad devices can install iPA without jailbreak…

In recent days, YouTube music is getting huge popularity. For now, YouTube is offering this music free for 1 to 3 months. It has many cool features such as download and store to your iPhone, background music playing and many more. However today, I’ll talk about Spotify TutuApp modded app. And, I’m sure, you’d love to know the trick to download Spotify++ TutuApp combination.

Read: Before a quick start, I want to clarify that this article is published only for information purpose. If you like Spotify Premium service, you should purchase and enjoy every single premium features without any fear.

What is Tutu Spotify?

What is Spotify Tutuapp?

Free themes, free app, game and other free things give us huge pleasure, huh? Many users out there believe a trial before purchase any premium service and this is also great approach. Such as YouTube released music service with free trial to test. Many Spotify users want to download modded app that provide them a real premium features before purchasing them. I did it once. Before purchasing premium Spotify music streaming service, I downloaded Spotify TutuApp. Installation was quite easy and I enjoyed it almost a month.

Spotify Plus Plus

Today, I’ll share the same trick that I applied to download Tutuapp Spotify modded app on my iPhone X. In this method, Spotify Plus is free as well as TutuApp is also freely available.


Download Spotify Tutu App

So without wasting time, get set go…

  • Before any step further, Download TutuApp.
  • You need to install it and trust enterprise developer certificate to launch it.
  • Once everything done in the first phase, get Spotify++ using Tutu Helper app.
  • Tap on Install and follow on screen instructions.

As I said, it is very simple and easy steps to follow. But, if you’re getting any issue or if it is not working, you can comment below.


There may be some questions in your mind. I’m trying to answer most frequent questions below.

Is Spotify Premium a Free Service?

No, officially it is not. Stock Premium service is paid module and you must purchase in order to get their premium service on your iPhone or any iOS device. However, if you download Spotify Plus modded app with the help of TweakBox, Emus4u, vShare or TutuApp app that I’ve mentioned above. Then you can get some of premium features for free. AppEven and AppValley are also available free third party app stores to download it.

Do I need to Jailbreak iOS to get it?

No. If you follow the method mentioned above, you don’t need to jailbreak iPhone. Both Tutu and modded app are free.

How to Use Spotify++?

First of all, trust the enterprise developer certificate. Then, uninstall stock app from your iPhone. After these few steps, you can use Plus edition that is modded app for iPhone.


At last, I will only say that If you like any service, pay and use it. I did the same. I purchased premium service and I’m using it on my Apple Car Play, iMac and iPhone.

If I missed anything in this short article, please comment and ask whatever you wanna know.


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Updated: December 12, 2019 — 3:49 am

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