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Spotify++ new version is out by Tutuapp developers. Everybody having previous version or waiting for the new version are now got chance to download freshly available Spotify Plus Plus from official website.

Developers were working since a month to fix Developer certificate revoke issue. There were couple of other issues were also irritating the developers. However, developers haven’t disclosed anything while releasing the new version to the compatible devices.

What is?

What does new Spotify++ offer?

Look, you can’t say it new because it just have some bug fixes and updated features. So, you can call it updated version of existing Spotify++ app. Below are some screenshot along with short info about those updated functions and features.

Spotify Plus

Update or freshly install new version of Spotify++ to your iPhone or iPad. Now, the updated version is able to allow you to play your favorite artists anytime anywhere. You don’t need to think about any payment or in app purchase to do it.


Search your favorite songs, ready playlist anytime. New Spotify++ app allows users to explore thousands of different playlist based on various filters and dynamics. And all of these 100% without any payment or subscription.


Don’t wanna play ready made playlist or the playlist that someone else has created? Don’t worry, chill. Now, you can create your own playlist by creating a new playlist based on your own favorite music tracks and songs. Choose your own favorite artist, create playlist and enjoy.

Now Shuffle new Spotify Songs

You choose your own favorite songs, right? Created new playlist based on your favorite songs, okay? How would you play them? Stock app doesn’t offer shuffle feature in the free version. Now, with Spotify++, you can actually shuffle music at your own rules. So, shuffle songs at any number, any times and anywhere.


How to Download Spotify++?

This is quite old story, right? Follow us…

  1. Download Tutuapp app installer.
  2. Instantly after downloading and installing Tutu, search Spotify++ on it.
  3. Make sure that you’re selecting v8.5.31 from the results.
  4. Install it too.
  5. Done

You’ve successfully updated and installed new version of this app on your smartphone.



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Updated: January 22, 2020 — 1:19 pm

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