Top 8 Best Free Music Sharing Sites & Even For Videos


Here are 8 most popular and free websites to upload, store and share your music, videos and even photography free of cost. Picosong, SoundCloud and much more best audio hosting and sharing sites are covered exclusively here.

Recently, We have shared 12 Most Popular File Sharing Websites which you should check. I have seen many file hosting sites that offers audio and video uploading options, but they are not actually build for that. They simply best to upload document or zip files. Today, I have decided to list up 8 most popular websites for music sharing.

8 Most Popular Sites to Share Music

Without wasting a single moment we should start up testing those websites that offers music rich experience to share our precious mp3. I have categorized those top 8 free services by quality and personalized service in concern of music sharing.


I personally love Picosong to share my musical mp3 and files, because it provides uploading service specially for audio files. We just need to choose our mp3 audio files and click on upload. That’s it. It will give you a short URL that will automatically starts playing when someone open it. You can share it too on social media networks using that short link URL. It is free and almost unlimited, however it allow you to upload maximum 10 megabytes music per mp3. If you have larger file, you can move to next service.


File dropper is also a wonderful service to host your music related files. It is fasted file hosting website that offers music sharing up to 5 GB. I personally have been using it since long time. I use uploaded link to share on social media network and other website to share my music. FileDropper is free and quality rich and additionally we are getting much space to share long audio link, that’s enough for me. Furthermore, you will really love it’s speed of uploading.


4Shared is ultimate uploading option for music, videos and other file types. You can upload there and get a link to share on every where on the web. User on their website can search and download musical videos and mp3 at free of charge. Additionally, you can do everything on mobile or Smartphone too such as iPhone and iPad.
I personally love it, because I can search files. I have noticed that their search option is too powerful. It has never missed a single mp3 file in search result when I search something musical stuff.
One thing that I don’t like is; you have to wait couple of seconds before download starts and sometimes that sucks. I don’t like waiting so that I have registered a premium account there to upload my music files. Now my all views can download and share music without waiting period and ads before download.


SoundCloud provides free music streaming. Using their service you can also become creators of great audio and make your own band or artist. I put them on fourth place, because their great service and wonderful experience.
User need to sign up free account in order to upload and share music on their server. Simply log in after sign up and share what ever music you want.

Other Popular Music Sharing Websites


It is one of the most popular blogging platform that offers text, photo, music and video sharing options. You can ultimately share all the your stuff from the single desk. I love them, because I have to share many things and its hard to use all different sites for all these stuffs. They offer up to 5 MP of music uploading. You can use different tags to share them online on Tumblr itself. You will get a link that can be useful to share your audio outside from Tumblr.

Media Fire

We have discussed about that previously on 12 Most Popular File Sharing Websites. It is best to upload any files including mp3, mp4 and or photo files. They have fastest and largest server to serve the file that are uploaded on their server. Their service is also full of quality. I would like to recommend you to check it too once upon a time.


It provides wonderful service to upload your file. It allows you to upload up to 2 GB of file and if you refer your friend or someone to their service using a recommendation link than you will get additionally 16 GB in reward. That’s really massive space.

Hot File

It is the best and a popular file hosting website. You can use it to upload and store your mp3 files too. It allow large space to upload files on their server. You just need to get a free account there to use them without any issue.


I personally have been using top 4 music sharing sites for my own use. I would like to recommend them first before trying anything else.

If you have better file sharing websites comparing to above listed sites, then please share your experience in comment box.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:35 am

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