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TweakBox is the most easy and favorite destination to download modded tweaks, games and apps, Users can find various free premium apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices completely free. Timely updated and working solution without jailbreak or root your device.

What is it?

 What is TweakBox?

If I use few words to describe this app. Then I’d say, one can install this app to download tweaked apps for iOS such as iPhone and iPad as well as for Android such as Samsung Galaxy, Redmi, Vivo and many other devices that run on Android platform.

TweakBox is can be download and installed on Android as well as iOS devices because it offers tweaked apps and games for both iOS and Android platform. It contains the free premium tweaked applications that can’t be found on Apple Apple Store or Google Play Store. Thus, the apps, games and other things available here are exclusive contents.

Anyone having iPhone or any other Android device can download TweakBox App Installer for free.

How to Install and Use TweakBox

For Android: In short, you can install tweaked app store on any Android device that has latest version of Android installed. So, you shouldn’t worry about compatibility because it smoothly working on older devices and outdated OS version too. Root is not required at all, so don’t worry about that too.

For iOS: Do you know what is the most frustrating part with iOS? It can’t be jailbreak these days easily. So, most of Cydia and jailbreak apps couldn’t work on iPhone and iPad.

TweakBox can be installed and work smoothly on both devices whether you’ve jailbroken iPhone or non jailbreak iPhone. And, this is the main advantage of this app store. You can find bunch of apps, games and tweaked free premium applications without having Cydia installed on your iPhone, isn’t it super easy?

Actually, there are many other options available for such tweaked apps such as TutuApp, vShare, AppValley, iOSEmus, Emus4u and many more. But, most of them doesn’t working these days. Apple revokes their certificate too frequently. This is the most common and frustrating reasons why we couldn’t come out from jailbreak scene and why we still need Cydia.

TweakBox app is similar to above listed apps, but it gets updated regularly. So whenever, Apple revokes it’s certificate, it resign in the new update. Thus, it works smoothly on iPhone without jailbreak it.

Tweak Box Apps

Top 10 TweakBox Apps

So most exciting part comes. Which are the most popular and working tweaked apps available on this app store. If you do tricks and hard work to install Tweak Box on your iPhone or Android, what you’ll get? Most of you may want to know about the best apps available on TweakBox, right?

  1. Spotify++
  2. YouTube++
  3. SnapChat++
  4. Instagram++
  5. Minecraft Pocket Edition
  6. MovieBox
  7. FaceTune
  8. BobbyMovie
  9. PubG Game
  10. GBA4iOS

So, these are the most downloaded and favorite apps listed on TweakBox Android and iOS app store. Most of these tweaked apps are free premium versions. So, guys if you were searching the way to download free premium Spotify or YouTube Video Downloader, then this is the best app store to get those tweaked apps.

Furthermore, the list of apps is huge and you can find almost every tweaked app that you’ve heard of on web. Game emulators, social media apps, Entertainment apps and many many more.

Why TweakBox?

Why TweakBox App Store?

I’ve already explained why you should install Tweak Box over many other listed in the first part of this article. I’ve listed some reasons to install it.

  • Updates: You won’t get too frequent updates in other apps that TweakBox offers. The developers don’t wait for Apple to revoke their app. They just update new tweaked apps and platform compatibility time to time.
  • Support: Any user can go and submit ticket to find support for the developer of this app store. And their response time is also very less. They quickly answer your query.
  • Download: TweakBox Download servers are too fast. You can easily download large apps, tweaks and games in few seconds.
  • Multi Platform Support: This is another good thing with TweakBox. Android and iOS, both the platform can install this tweak app store. Most games are available for both the platforms. Plus, Tweak Box app comes in the list of rare applications that run without jailbreak iPhone or without root Android.

Tweak Box App Features

Guys, TweakBox offers a clean and categories app sections. It’s application for Android and iOS is simple, but a newbie also can use it without any issue.

  • iOS App Store Apps: The first category is for iPhone and iPad and that’s iOS App Store apps. The apps listed here can be download and install on iPhone and other iOS devices. Many premium apps are available here as free. You can find FaceTune, GTA, GBA4iOS, Minecraft, Spotify++ and many other apps. You can easily download paid apps for iPhone completely no charge at all.
  • Other AppStore Apps: This section contains apps that are not available on iOS app Store or they have been removed by Apple. Example for, MovieBox, BobbyMovie, CoolPixel, AirShou and others.
  • Tweaked Apps: This section of TweakBox contains most popular ++ tweaked apps such as Spotify++, SnapChat++, TikTok++, Instagram++, YouTube++, SoundCloud++ and many other.
  • Game Section: There’s game section too. Users can download their favorite games from this section. All TweakBox games are free and full version.

Introduction, design, features and contents section is over here. In the next part of this article, I’ll show you how you can download TweakBox easily for Android devices, iPhone and iPad.

Tweakbox APK

How to Install TweakBox APK on Android

TweakBox app is originally build for iOS devices. All the officially services have been offered specially for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. However, just like tweaked apps, TweakBox Android APK version is also available on some sources. Its not made by it’s official developers but, Android users can download APK and install all the famous modded apps for free.

TweakBoxApp developers have to officially announce that some so called websites that offers downloadable APK version are scams. You can easily found their official announcement tweet on Twitter.

However, if you still want to try your luck and wanna install it on your Android device, then follow below steps…

  • Download Tweak Box APK version.
  • Once download completed, open APK file.
  • Follow the steps and install it.
  • Done.

Note: If you’re installing apps on Android for the first time, then you must enable installation from “Unknown Sources” from settings app.

TweakBox iOS

Get TweakBox For iPhone, iPad

As you know now that you can use your iPhone to install tweaked apps which are mostly paid without tweaked, you want to install TweakBox without jailbreak, right? I’ll show you how you can download TweakBoxApp without any need of Cydia or jailbreak at all. Still, you’d be able to enjoy your favorite apps for free.

Follow some very simple and short steps to get it into your iPhone…

  1. To download TweakBox iPA, you need to access offcial Tweak Box website given here.
  2. This is the official website, so you don’t need to care about anything. Just wait couple of seconds and let it load completely. Once it’s loaded completely, tap on ‘Install Now’ button from under the Jailbreak Alternative text.
  3. During installation process, follow all the steps. It will ask to install configuration profile, just allow it and fill the passcode when required.
  4. Follow other steps, tap Install button when required and complete the installation process.

Once installation process will be completed, TweakBox app icon will be placed on iPhone home screen. Just scroll to the last page where you will see app icon for this app store.

To install tweaked apps or games, you just need to open this app and you’re ready to go.

How to Install TweakBox Spotify Tweaked App

To make your process easy, I’ll try to explain how you can download Spotify++ using this app store. Actually, the process is super easy and similar to other tweak installation. You’ll get the idea and learn the trick within a minute.

  1. Open TweakBox Installer.
  2. Type Spotify++ and search.
  3. Tap on Spotify app listed in the search result.
  4. Tap on Install button from the next page.
  5. System will ask your permission and will install the tweaked app.

Note: Before installation, you must trust the developer certificate from Settings app, otherwise Spotify won’t work.

app not working

TweakBox Not Working/ Unable to Download/ Not Installing / Not Loading

Sometimes, you may get error while installing, downloading or loading app. Many times, TweakBox won’t install tweak on iPhone. This all situations may come specially when developer certificate gets revoked or expired. Sometimes, server will be busy.

Most of these cases can be fixed just to try doing the same thing later. Just stop trying installing apps or whatever you were doing with TweakBox, and after a day or some times, it will be fixed automatically by itself.

And suppose, TweakBox not working at all, you can try TutuApp Helper, vShare or AppValley app.

It’s Your Turn

If you’re trying any other trick or method to download TweakBox, please share them in your comment. Also don’t forget to share your experience how you got it installed on your iPhone or Android.

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Updated: January 18, 2020 — 2:32 pm


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  1. Which is better app store? I heard about TopStore, PandaHelper, AppEven, Tutuapp, Hulu, Emus4u, appvalley, vshare, Hipstore, kuaiyong, Acmarket and 25pp. Most of these apps and app stores have been shut down or not working. Only few of them are working. Tutu offers paid as well as regular app genuinely. Tweakbox is all time free app, but have less apps comparing to other stores. Now, I’m confuse which store will work without any bloatware on iOS 13. I’m gonna use one of these store on my iPhone 11.

  2. Tweakbox app was not working, then I tried the last steps that you have mentioned at last and that worked like a charm. Can I ask a question? I wanted to install a jailbreak wallpaper tweak, how to download it from Tweak Box app?

    1. Dear Lucas, Tweak Box and similar app stores provides app installation only for those apps that have been hosted on their database. Very few modded apps and premium games are supported at the moment. Most of these third party app stores are free. TweakBox is also in this list. Only Tutu products are paid and free both. If you pay to developer any way then they can create more quality apps and games for iOS and Android.

  3. Wow, that’s awesome
    I really found it useful. Many of these apps I already downloaded. Please show me other options such as tweaks we can found on Cydia. It could be better if you could add them too here.
    Like Activator!

    1. Again, third party app stores work on any iOS and Android firmware. TweakBox download is available for iOS 13 out of the box. This is the most precious benefit to have these app store. However, there are some limitations too. You can’t expect too much apps and games from these app stores. Tweak Box has it’s own limitations. you must understand this.

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