Top 10 Best Tweaked Apps & Games for iOS/Android


Tweaked Apps

Tweaked apps are key attraction for iOS devices after absence of jailbreak. Today, we’re here to show you top 10 tweaked games and apps for iOS as well as Android phones.

In jailbreak days, we could customize iOS completely new way using tweaks and themes. Same way, we could install pro version of most of the popular apps such as WhatsAPP, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. You may have remembered Spotify tweaks.

Tweaked Games

What is Tweaked Apps?

We were talking about massive popular apps that include social media apps and audio – video streaming apps. So, it was possible at jailbreak and Cydia days.

Now, when there isn’t jailbreak possible, still we can download few pro apps in form of tweaked apps. Modded or tweaked apps are nothing but specially designed and customized features bundle.

Sometimes, we need to uninstall stock app in order to install tweaked app. Often, these tweaked games and apps replace premium version of stock app such as YouTube Music++. This tweaked app is available for iOS device without jailbreak and it brings all feature of premium app that cost around $1 to $2 per month for free.

Why we need tweaked apps

Why we need Tweaked Games & Apps?

Simply, if you want more features or wanna try premium app without paying anything, you can download and install tweaked app. However, if your purpose is trying premium app before purchase, then you should check that is it premium trial available officially! Because, YouTube Music offers 3 months trial and then $1 to $2 per month. So, you don’t need to install any tweaked app to try premium apps.

However, some apps don’t offer trial period for trying premium features before purchasing. In those cases, tweaked apps are like money saving tool. You can try tweaked app and when you make your decision, you can uninstall tweaked app and install premium app after paying subscription amount to respected developers.

Tweaked Apps List

Top Tweaked Apps List

Below are the apps which have been tweaked for premium features…

  1. YouTube++
  2. Instagram++
  3. SnapChat++
  4. Twitter++
  5. Facebook++
  6. YouTube Music++
  7. Spotify++
  8. Tinder++
  9. Dizzer++
  10. Pokemon Go++

So, these apps and games can be a great choice if you wanna try premium features. We’ve covered almost all apps separately in separate article. You can get more details there.

Bonus Tweaked App


It’s reminder that you should install these apps just to try premium applications. If you think that premium app prices are high, then you can give your feedback to those developers.

Now, you’ll wonder, why we’re suggesting this to you! Actually, we’ve tried all of these tweaked apps personally on our iOS and Android devices. We’ve found that while using these tweaked apps, it consume more battery comparing to stock apps.

If you’ve same mind set like our, let us know in the comment section.

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Updated: November 17, 2019 — 9:04 am

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