How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp for iPhone & Android Devices



Few days back on Twitter, WhatsAPP dark mode concept was seen. It is being said that this feature is gonna out in 2019 officially by developer team for iOS and Android devices such as iPhone and other devices that run on Android platform.

A user on Twitter who known as WABetaInfo, has revealed that WhatsAPP is preparing to come with DarkMode feature that may be released very soon by official team. WABetaInfo posted a Dark Mode concept on Twitter and after looking that concept, its clear that it will be really cool.

As we know that Telegram, Hike and other social messaging apps are already available with Dark Mode or Night theme in which only WhatsAPP currently don’t have either night theme or Dark theme. Yeah, you can change background WhatsAPP wallpaper and about that I’d explain more in the later part. So, we’re hopping that the billion dollar messaging app will also get it very soon.

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As you have noticed that almost all big brand smartphones like iPhone, iPad with iOS and iMac, MacBook with MacOS has Dark Mode. Users can change between dark-mode and Light mode in Mac OS and iOS devices. In research, after activating this power saver mode, devices consumes almost 50% less battery comparing to light mode. In this case, if WhatsAPP releases night option, it will not only beneficial for user’s eyes, but also at the same time night theme will save battery consumption also.

We’ve seen dark theme option in MacOS and iPhone as well and we know how beautiful and eye pleasure it looks. Definitely, this in WhatsAPP will bring this messaging app more success and popularity. Really at night, it’s very difficult to read text and messaging even in low brightness, then definitely night theme or dark mode will add some pleasure.

Recently on Twitter, WhatsAPP support account that is official has confirmed that they’re gonna release dark mode in their messaging applications as well as Facebook, WhatsAPP and in their other projects. Please note that Google’s most of the products already have night theme in their apps such as Google Maps, YouTube. While Twitter has also released Night Mode in their app for iPhone and other Android devices.

Dark Mode in Whatsapp

Furthermore, WhatsAPP night mode is not only a single feature that is in pipeline, but there are bunch of new improvements coming to this messaging app in this year. We’ll keep updating about new features and improvements.

How to Enable Dark Mode or Night Theme on WhatsAPP

Even in iOS 12, there’s no dark theme available like in MacOS. I’ve iMac running latest operating system and it has dark mode enabled. It looks like a charm specially for users who work at night most of the time. Truly, iOS should also have this night mode.

Okay then, at the time of posting this article, WhatsAPP hasn’t released night mode option in their messaging app, however, there are some ways that can enable dark mode in your messaging app. The easiest way, i’ve mentioned below, so just follow below steps.

  1. First of all, connect your iPhone to WiFi or data network.
  2. Open WhatsAPP and head to Settings, then tap on Chats.
  3. Go to Chat Wallpapers and tap on Solid Colors.
  4. Here you can choose any WhatsAPP dark wallpaper that can suit your eyes and demand.
  5. Tap on Set button and all set to go.

Above concept is to apply darker wallpaper in order to make your messaging experience more pleasure. Dark wallpaper is more convenient than any other white wallpaper.

Bonus Tip

There is another way to convert everything in Night mode and that’s jailbreak way. But, this is not for regular users. Only advance users can jailbreak and apply night theme available in the Cydia store. It converts everything into dark mode.

Plus, if you want to turn night theme on your iPhone without jailbreak, then you can enable ‘iPhone Smart Invert‘ option from Settings app easily. It worths checking. If you want to know anything about this option of iPhone dark mode or night option, please comment in the below box, I’ll come up with detailed and step by step article about it.


If you want complete iPhone dark mode, then you must wait till this year end when we can see night theme on iOS. However before that, Facebook may bring dark mode for it’s messaging app.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me what’s your thinking and suggestion over applying dark theme on WhatsAPP or on other apps and don’t forget to share your way and experience in the comment section.

Edits are most welcome.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:36 pm


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  1. As far as I know, WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature. Yeah, you can enable settings for black wallpaper so that we can give some rest to the eyes. But why black wallpaper? We can apply any dark wallpaper from library.

    1. Hey man, now whatsapp have officially added dark mode and since it’s not looking cool, personally, I don’t like it at all.

      the second option to make it dard is, keep dark mode on your Android or iOS operating system. They’ll make it dark automatically.


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