How to Download Whatsapp Plus on iOS & Android


Whatsapp++ is the app that can unlock must have features that original stock app is missing. Plus version is compatible for Android and iOS…

Whatsapp has huge market share in social media messaging app. Billions of users have replaced their ordinary SMS to this instant messaging app. It became helpful to business owners too, because the makers have released their business version with some extra features.

Whatsapp stock original application has many features. Normally, a general user won’t face any difficulty or need anything extra. And since new features are getting released as soon as they’re ready from the beta stage, it is nice move for great application.

However, there are still some features that normal users want. And if you’re one of them, you can get your hands on WhatsAPP++ without jailbreak iOS as well as Android devices. WhatsAPP Plus APK is for Android and iPA file is available for iOS devices. Both the apps are developed by different authors and have not any type of link or affiliated with stock app.

The drawback is, you won’t see any of such apps on official app store. I mean, if you’re looking WhatsApp++ APK on Android play store, it is not available. The same way, iPA file of this app is not available on Apple App Store too. However, you can easily download Whatsapp plus iPA and APK file separately using our method genuinely.

What is WhatsAPP++?

I told you already that one can use stock app without any issue or without the need of such addon applications. But, this is for the users who want to unlock some extra features. The flexibility that stock app doesn’t offer, at least now.


Above picture is from setting app of iOS. You can see clearly that you can be on Stealth mode by toggling this feature on. You may have noticed that when someone start typing and if you’re on the chat window. Yeah, this tweak has the option to disable read receipts as well as delivery receipts too.

There are many restrictions as far as your status is concern. If you’ve installed WhatsAPP Plus app, you can use full profile picture. Users can send unlimited media as well as use custom text color too.

You’ll love security feature. Whatsapp++ offers solid security options. Users are allowed apply custom password. You can set your own desired custom password for your private use of this instant messaging app.

Most of the Android smartphone comes with app cloning feature where you can clone any app once. This way, you can use two apps in a smartphone. However, iOS powered iPhone and iPad don’t have such option. In this case, Whatsapp plus can be a great option for you. Using a cloning feature, you can use two version of this instant messaging app.

WhatsApp++ Download

There are numerous methods to download or install this app on your iPhone or Android device. However, I want to introduce TutuVIP app that offers download option of this tweak for both operating system. Using Tutu Helper, you can download WhatsAPP Plus on your iPhone. Suppose, you’ve Android device, you can use Tutu to install apk on Android too.

  • Download and Install Tutu App Store. Get TutuApp here.
  • Once you downloaded, installed and trust the developer on your iOS device, you can search WhatsAPP++ from the search field.
  • Tap the app from result page and install it.
  • Once installation has been done, restart your iPhone.


Most probably the same way, you can download WhatsAPP Plus APK on your Android too using Tutu.

If you’ve any kind of confusion, error or getting issue downloading or installing this tweak or Tutu, then comment below.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:37 am

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