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If you often worried or curious to know who have seen your Facebook profile, then this article may be useful for you. You can actually get all the information related to your profile on this giant social media platform.

If you’re reading this infographic then I’m sure that you’re curious to know the list of persons who have seen your Facebook profile. What happens if you can see who have seen your profile on Facebook! Actually, there isn’t any official method to know such data and even now, this social media platform is going to hide “Likes” from viewers. It means no body will be able to see your likes on your posts.

Many of you may have tried various way to get the data of users who viewed your Facebook personal profile page and large number is from girls. Mostly girls are more curious to check who viewed their profile photos, videos and posts. Most of such users use their mind to analyze that data, isn’t it funny?

What is Facebook Profile?

First of all, we must know what is this profile and what does it contain, why others are allowed to view your profile details, photos and videos. Facebook has set some rules and algorithms for updating your profile page. The same time, they’ve implemented some restrictions and feature to view profile videos, photos and other details.

Facebook is almost number one and the oldest social media platform. It has various kinds of modules and services related to their platform. They advertise billions types of products on this social media platform. Those advertisements are served based on users. These users are categorized by their profiles. You may have updated your likes, dislikes, birth date, qualification, location and many other things. Facebook usages some algorithms to categorized those details and usages those details to serve different kind of advertisements on Facebook.

On this Facebook profile, you’re allowed to update your recent profile photo, video, marital status, birth date and many other personal details including your location. Facebook also have friend search feature and the feature where other users are allowed to view profile page. Yeah, it depends on your and completely controlled profile page settings that allows you to hide some details from visitors who are not your friend or friend of friend. So, you can easily hide those details or block someone from Facebook so that they can’t see your social media updates.

So, this is what so called Facebook Profiles. Facebook is available for Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and almost all web platforms that can access web. Billions users open and check updates on this giant social media platform. It is obvious that you get curious to know who viewed your profile page.

Who can view Profile on Facebook?

As I mentioned that it is in your control to allow some users to view my (your) Facebook profile page. As far as my social media privacy is concerned, I’m always careful and aware of the privacy options. I know who is viewing my profile details. And this is important too. One can get the important details, timeline and other details. In most hacking cases, these details are responsible.

Disallow all type of search bots to view profile page on all social media sites. Block Facebook users who are not your friends. Once again verify all the options located under your privacy page.

Get notified when someone view your Facebook profile

Yeah, there is a Google chrome extension build by a third party developers that is able to get the details who view profile page. It also features an option to send an instant notification when someone view profile on social media sites. However, you can’t be completely trust the data and notifications send by this Chrome extension. It may miss some records or users who viewed your Facebook profile.

Before you think that you can track the users who have visited profile page, you should know that you must use Google chrome web browser to setup extension that will keep watch on your profile page and will send notifications based on account activity.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Google chrome web browser on Desktop. You can use Mac OS or Windows to setup social media profile notification extension.
  2. Once you downloaded and installed Chrome, head to Chrome extension web store and search “Social Profile”. You’ll get the several options there. Choose the extension that has been downloaded a significant times and with good ratings.
  3. Once you added that chrome extension, activate it.
  4. At the end, login to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and complete the setup process with that extension.
  5. Done.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Once you have logged on Facebook or other social media platform and linked profile with the extension, you will be allowed to view who has viewed your Facebook profile with complete time bar.

It’s Your Turn

Now check how it can be done on your end, if you face any difficulties, you can comment below. If I’ll get frequent queries on this via comments, I’ll post a video or couple of pictures demonstrating the way to track users who have visited your profile on Facebook.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 12:38 pm

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