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YouTube++ is one of the best app to watch videos, listen music like a pro. Fortunately, modded version is available for iOS. iPhone, iPad and many other iOS devices can download it and install for free…

Do you know? YouTube Plus now works without jailbreak. It is fully compatible for iOS 12, iOS 13 and future iOS updates. You just need to download and install each time you update your iOS to the latest version, that’s it.

What is YouTube++?

YouTube doesn’t need any introduction, I think. You play videos, listen music and many other things they offer in form of videos. Recently, YouTube music is released for public as a premium service. Stock app have all the basic features that normal user want from the app. However, if you’re pro user and want some extra features to make your video watching more convenient, then you’re on right place.

YouTube++ is the modded version of the original app or you can say tweaked version. It offers same functionality of the stock app including some extra features. There are some drawbacks, cons and pros when you’re using plus version. We’ll discus pros and cons at last.

But, you need to know one thing before starting this article. First, you can’t hold both the apps on the same device. I mean, you can’t install stock app plus YouTube++. You must uninstall original stock app before installing YouTube Plus Plus app. Second, this modded app is not available on Apple App Store.

Requirements for installing YouTube Plus

  • Third party app store such as TutuApp, Tweakbox, vShare or Emus4u.
  • Or Cydia Impactor, YouTube++ iPA file

Compatible iOS

  • iOS 13 (And iOS 12 up to iOS 10)

Compatible Devices

  • iPhone (All devices that run on latest iOS mentioned above)
  • iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch

YouTube++ for iPhone

Most of the things, I’ve mentioned above. You can take a shortcut if you’ve jailbroken iPhone. This modded app is available on jailbreak app store too, which is quite easy to download and install. However here, will not follow jailbreak method as Cydia is not working properly on new devices and firmware.

Here, I’ve mentioned a very convenient and easy plus working method to download YouTube Plus app from TweakBox. You don’t need to jailbreak iOS in order to download and get installed this app on your iPhone. Follow it.

  1. Get TweakBox first. It is free and won’t require jailbreak as I mentioned.
  2. Once you installed TweakBox, launch it and tap on Apps section. There, you’d see “Tweaked Apps” as separate section, tap on it.
  3. Search “YouTube++” from the search field.
  4. TweakBox app store will search relative app and give you result. Tap on YouTube++ from the list and tap on “Install” button.
  5. Follow on screen instructions and complete the installation.


Remember, the same process can be done using AppValley, vShare and TutuApp.

YouTube Plus Features

Below are the additional features from the original stock app. So, these are the features that you’re getting after installing YouTube++ tweak on iOS.

  • Download Videos: After installing this modded app, you can download any video you want to your iPhone for offline video or save to camera roll of your iPhone.
  • No Ads: YouTube++ offers no ads display. So, now there won’t be any ads while watching videos.
  • Background videos: You may have heard that premium or paid service offers background video playing. Now, you can watch videos in the background on your iPhone once you enabled this feature.
  • No Age Restriction: If you’re young one who usage iPhone to watch YouTube videos, you can now watch those videos without age restrictions. Some videos have age restrictions.

YouTube++ Not working? Try this

The most possible reason in many cases is Enterprise Developer Certificate issue. After installing third party app store as well as this modded app, you must trust the developer certificate. And, if you forget to trust certificate, it gives error. Your app won’t open, it won’t play or it won’t be accessible all the way.

Why this error occurs? Actually, YouTube++ is not a part of Apple App Store. Most of the time, Apple revoke certificate of such applications. To keep them working all the time, you must update them manually. Uninstall old not working app and reinstall from the source from where you’d installed first time.

So next time when you get pop up error with “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”, Cancel it and follow above steps.


Ultimately, YouTube++ is one of the best app in the modded app store. And if, you’re the user that needs something extra features, you can install this modded version on your iOS device. Until you do something wrong, there isn’t anything to use this app on your iPhone or iPad.

I personally installed YouTube Plus iOS app for information purpose and uninstalled it from my iPhone X as I’m satisfied with the basic features. For normal users, original stock app is enough.

Please comment and share your thoughts, choice and experience using YouTube++.

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Updated: November 27, 2019 — 5:37 am

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