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Zoom not working? Yeah, I mean a popular video conferencing app that is being used these days in a world by mass numbers of iPhone and Android users.

Many smartphone users have reported that Zoom app not working in their smartphone. Now, we will understand how it stops working sometimes and how we can fix it or prevent it to stop working.

Since there are best of best video conferencing apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, users could use any of them. However, these days, Zoom app which offers world class video conferencing experience is becoming more and more popular. Because, it is being used by mass number of users, it is getting stuck sometimes.

iOS and Android users can take certain steps to fix not working issue or the issues which cause glitches.

Zoom App Not Working? Do Following

There are couple of things that users can follow to prevent these issues. Just check one by one and fix everything like a pro.

  1. Internet Connection: This can be a point where you’re making mistake. Zoom video conferencing app and other such apps use internet to work. Many times, we use our device on Airplane mode or deactivate internet at normal time. But, when you decide to use Zoom app to make video conferencing, activate internet. Make sure that you’ve deactivated Airplane mode before using apps that use internet.
  2. Zoom Server May be Down: Zoom works on their server. If servers are down, you may be not able to use their service until it started to work again. We have noticed that often their server got down for minutes or even in some cases it takes hours to restart the server due to huge load. You can go to their official website to check server status.
  3. Camera & Microphone Access: In most cases, users don’t give permission to apps to use camera and microphone. Thus, these apps can’t work properly. If Zoom app not working, make sure you’ve enabled it to use Camera as well as microphone. It can be enabled on various smartphone with privacy options.
  4. Glitch: Each and every app has some glitch and issues. If you’re facing any issues to use Zoom app, you can force fully quit it and reopen again and check that issue has been fixed or not. You can restart device too, that also helps in some cases.
  5. Reinstall Zoom app: If you’ve missed to configure Zoom app at the first launch and you can’t fix it by settings app. You can uninstall Zoom app and reinstall it. This time, you can configure it from scratch.
  6. Update Software: Zoom developers regularly update their server as well as software. You can update the app at regular interval as soon as software update available.

So, don’t forget to share your thoughts, tricks and comments how you’re dealing with Zoom app not working.

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Updated: April 18, 2020 — 6:28 am

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